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  1. mens activities are very hard to come up with i did have a super bowl activity but in most cases getting the men involved is very difficult sometimes men do get involved in bingo but that is mostly all i try to come up with more ideas geared for men but have a difficult time
  2. i have also learned that some residents my have some memory issues and i try to find an activity that is easy but not childish for the resident to do like maybe a cross word puzzle or word search puzzle something that they have to use their mind to find the words i have found out this does help them keep their mind sharp
  3. i am writing on this topic because where i work we have done a lot of on hall activities because of the covid virus we have done activities like playing on hall bingo and exercises have done games on the wii like wheel of fortune price is right and deal or no deal residents like all the new ideas and have given many different things they would like to do and we try to put all their ideas on the calendar each month. Jamie McSkulin
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