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  1. Help! We've been asked by Nursing to provide some sort of after meal activity/entertainment, to try to keep residents from heading back to their rooms right after the meal (there are other stations that our lower functioning residents are being fed at & staff isn't as available as they'd like to be at that time for these residents that eat a bit earlier). My hope is that the aide that is scheduled to stay in the dining area to observe for safety will be able to do this - somewhere down the line, but until then, it's the Activity Staff. We are doing trivia, jokes, devotionals, etc for about 10 - 15 minutes, just to sort of slow down that migration out of the dining room. It has boosted the participation of some of those residents who rarely come to group activities, but I'm looking for other ideas to help keep them interested. Of course, residents who do not want to stay are not forced to stay, we are just trying to provide that motivation to stay a bit longer. Thanks in advance for the help! Stacie :-D
  2. Opps! Let's fix my last statement, it should end w/, "it's not like some are being favored." Sorry! It's Friday, I'm ready for the weekend!
  3. By less involved residents, do you mean residents that aren't able to participate or residents who CHOOSE not to participate? We invite anyone to join our group (we keep a couple of extra hats ready for new memebers). Our group only meets monthly, so it's like some are being favored.
  4. Just to add to the hat decorating, we did the very same thing (hats from Oriental Trading & the whole bit). BUT, we invited another local Red Hat Group to assist w/ the decorating. It was basically one on one & worked out great!
  5. We are just finishing a REALLY neat marketing tool that our social worker put together & will give to potiential residents, families, local hospitals, & any other facility that we may get residents from. It is a nice folder w/ indexed tabs of what our facility offers. Included in this package is a disk/cd that has a really cool presentation of our facility on it. It has pictures of residents, staff, family, volunteers (all gave permission) & has backround music & some really cool quotes. Again, this highlights what we offer & generally shows our residents & their lives here. It's about 7 - 8 minutes long. We are trying to market our facility as a comfortable home. She had checked w/ area places that put together these types of things & was able to do it on her own for a fraction of the cost. And the cd can be changed over time. The residents & staff truely enjoyed being involved in this project. Our community is about 3,500 people, but almost every community w/in a 40 mile radius has a LTC, so competition is FIERCE!
  6. I have heard that surveyors are not looking at the calendars, but we do still use the large monthly calendars as well as posting a daily calendar in key places in our facility. Just seems to work that way. I have family members who request montly calendars so they can be sure to attend functions w/ their loved ones. Not sure that I'll ever quit doing the calendars. Stacie O.
  7. We also have a Red Hat group in our facility. They have a blast planning what they want to do each month (picnics on the deck, coffee parties, etc.). I have put one of my staff in charge, & she loves it, she's really taken ownership in it & besides, as one of my residents pointed out, I'm under 50! Anyway, they do things on their own & also invite other local Red Hat Groups in for special functions. Stacie O.
  8. We don't have a "welcome wagon". But, I have a Welcome Basket that will stock w/: shampoo, conditioner, lotion, candy (sugar free, too), comb, brush, listing of facility phone numbers, tv channel listings, & a card. We have 2 residents & one of my staff that bring this to the new residents. Our facility really doesn't have many more residents that are willing/able to do this! But the two that do it, love it! We try to get this done w/in 3 days of admission.
  9. I am very fortunate that my admin. has not asked me or directed me to cut out trips & entertainment. I will be budgeting accordingly this fall. What we are working on now w/ our residents is donations for the victims. We have 4 quilts that they will finish tying next week, discarded clothing (from residents & staff), & we are working on a little fund raiser for a monitary donation. Our residents are really heart-broken when they hear about not only the devistation, but also the looting. Stacie
  10. We will have cake & punch at our coffee time & some piano music. We also have encouraged family to eat w/ their loved one & have a special menu planned for that day. Stacie
  11. We don't actually do a "Winter Olympics" here, but during the first week of February, our town celebrates, "Ole & Lena Days". (Rural Minnesota.) Anyway, that's when we do some of the following events: Lefse Fling -- (pronounced: lefsa - Scandinavian, looks like a tortilla). We use either lefse or tortillas & the resident's toss them. Prizes given for the longest throw. Mitten Match -- We get a bunch of mittens, mix them up in a basket & residents match them up. Quickest time wins a prize. We've also done Ole & Lena jokes, bed pan races, we've done actual snow ball tosses (aiming for a target or farthest throw), & we always end w/ hot chocolate & marshmellows. Hope this helps. Stacie
  12. You are correct. Rec. Therapy is not re-imbursed at this time. My MDS coordinator has me fill in 0,0 on section "T" of the MDS when it asks the minutes spent in Rec. Therapy. Also, in our facility, I am not a "therapy based" department. Stacie O CTRS
  13. I am LOL! I loved that, copied, printed it, we're using it next week!
  14. Our facility is taking small, baby steps towards this. I'm excited for the move towards this, but it will not be an easy transition! There is alot involved, & getting ALL staff to "buy in" is very important. Our facility will also need to do some major re-construction if we hope to accomplish this & that takes tons of $$$, which we all know that SNF's are swimming in money! So - I don't see this being a change that will happen here in the next year, but we are slowly progressing in this direction. (I work in rural Minnesota, by the way.) Stacie
  15. Update - they didn't end up sending us the 18-year old, she ended up w/ a chest tube, poor thing. Erin - yes - I'll be at MNSWAP, just not sure which days yet. I like to send a couple of my staff for one day, & then try to be there one day myself (budget doesn't allow for much more than that). My email is: solson@gfmhm.com if you wish to contact me directly.
  16. We are unfortunate in the rural area that I'm in that there aren't that many entertainers, but on the other end, I communicate w/ other facilities to find out what they think of the entertainers, before I agree. But - I think it's a "rite of passage" to get burned at least once by an entertainer. I had a lady come to play the organ, & after 10 minutes announced, "I have a dentist appointment in half in hour, so I'd better get going" & before I could back into the room, she was gone! Luckily, she was not a paid entertainer.
  17. We use the Fitness Dice here & our resident's love it! We take turns tossing the dice! They also enjoy any sit-down dancing video or wheelchair aerobics. Another fun one is volleyball. We use a net tied to two stands (this is about waist high to the staff person) & use a beach ball as our volleyball. Then we divide into two teams & all enjoy this. (Especially when we turn on the beach boys music.)
  18. Thanks for the input... We are in a rural area in Minnesota & from what I understand, the reason the 18 year old was admitted, was she needs skilled nursing care & dialysis 3x/week. The nearest unit for that is 14 miles away, & their snf was full, (which is also her home town). We are the closest snf to her home town & dialysis unit. I was out of the office yesterday, so I wasn't able to meet her yet, but planning to do so first thing this a.m.! I was able to hear Cat Selman speak yesterday.... not sure if you've heard of her, but she's been part of this panel w/ CMS & helped re-write the interpretive guidelines for surveying activity departments. LOTS of info!
  19. That's a good idea, I'll be looking into that. We will be admitting an 18 year-old female tomorrow. She will be on dialysis 3x week & has some other issues that we'll be dealing w/. (Recent still-born baby, attempted suicide, other issues). This is very new territory for us at our facility as we are not a mental health facility, but a SNF! Any help would be appreciated.
  20. Welcome to all those new DOA's!!! I'm a CTRS, w/ 10 years experience, at the same SNF. I finally, last week, had a nurse (that has been here longer than dirt) say to me, "well, you've been here for a while, what do you think?" ;-) I am starting to do some searching, though. I'm ready for a change, but d/t my location, rural Minnesota, I don't have a whole lot of options. Moving isn't one, my husband farms. Anyway, I'm looking into Massage Therapy. That would maybe be a perk to offer our residents, as well as a new outlet for myself. I do enjoy my residents, but feel like a change is needed in the future. Again, welcome!
  21. We USED to have a gentleman that crushed cans & they were stored in the maintenance room, his son helped him take them in to be recyled. But since he's no longer with us, we really don't.
  22. What is your name? Stacie Olson What is your occupation? CTRS, SNF & a SUPER MOM/WIFE!!! What are you listening to right now? I think it's an oldies station, it's on pretty soft.... What was the last thing you ate? Hot Dog & Chips (Relay for Life fund raiser) Do you wish on stars? Yep w/ my kids If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Yellow How is the weather right now? HOT HOT HOT Last person you spoke to on the phone? Dieatry Mgr.... Cheryl How old are you today? 31 Favorite drink? Iced Tea Favorite sport(s) to watch? pro-football Have you ever dyed your hair? NOPE (not yet anyway) Do you wear contacts or glasses? Yep, both (not at the same time) Pets? Golden Retriver, Maggie (7 months old, pray for me) Favorite month? May (Not too hot yet) Favorite food? Yep, food's my favorite! What was the last movie you watched? "National Treasure" Favorite day of the year? Day after Thanksgiving (not for shopping, decorating for the holidays). Fall or Spring? Fall When was the last time you cried? 2 weeks ago, funeral of a neighbor What did you do last night? Played 2 games of softball in the stiffling Minnesota heat & humidity, dodging misquitos!! What inspires you? My kids: Abigail & Samuel What frightens you? rats, bats, snakes, & mice Favorite Car? Hmmmm never thought I'd admit it, but I like my mini van. Much room for hauling kids & things. Favorite Dog Breed? Labs or Retrivers How many years at your current job? Just about 10 How many states have you lived in? 1 (Minnesota born & bred!) How many cities/towns have you lived in? 6
  23. StacieO


    WOW! That's alot of money to spend every month on calendars! I just send our calendar that I type on activity connection to our "big" copy machine (via facility network) & by the time I walk down the hall to get it, I have 100 copies on 11x17 paper. I honestly don't know how much the paper costs, because this isn't really budgeted to each department (not yet anyway), but I have the annual fee to activity connection. You are really organized if you can send out your calendar & have it mailed back!!! I sometimes make changes minutes before I print it. My gas budget for 2005 wasn't even $2000. (Here in Minnesota, we don't do much out on the bus from about November to April). From reading this topic, it just goes to show, "there's more than one way to skin a calendar!"
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    Activity Connection offers it, but there is a membership fee. (activityconnection.com)
  25. StacieO


    I WISH I had a Kinko's or a copy place nearby, I'd love to blow up our calendar! Sounds like a cool project for the residents!
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