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  1. HI Everyone, I know you are all overwhelmed with the pandemic.  I'm just putting some up some bio information about myself to give you all a bit more of a sense of what I do.  Before the current crisis I was in regular rotation for over 40 facilities, just to give you a sense that I'm not new to any of this.  Here is a bio to look over: 

    Rob Crozier is a singing guitarist who specializes in vintage pop, jazz, blues and country. Expect toe-tapping and hooting while Rob stirs up the party with his infectious charm.  He is available for online streaming for birthday parties, sing a longs and offers some nice videos available upon request.   

    Mr. Crozier is also is a multi-instrumentalist performing throughout South East Michigan.  Rob holds a BFA for Jazz and Contemporary Improvisation in Double Bass from the University of Michigan.   His teachers include Robert Hurst, Diana Gannett, David Friesen and Rufus Reid.

    Mr. Crozier’s twenty year musical career has included sharing bills with rock groups like Blues Traveler and Credence Clearwater Revisted, and jazz greats like Perry Robinson and Tony Malaby.

    Rob is the leader of “The Rob Crozier Ensemble” where he composes, plays jazz bass, didjeridoo and ethnic percussion.  This ensemble tours the midwest as a featured artist in various festivals in support of his second CD, “Ocean Blue”.

    In addition to upright bass, Rob is sought after in Michigan as an electric bassist and plays with ensembles with styles such as  Americana, folk, rock, pop, cajun, African and Celtic.

    He also performs regularly a “solo act” where he sings, plays  guitarist, and harmonica.  Mr. Crozier also actively performs and records with many exotic instruments such as didjeridoo, mbira, ethnic hand drums,  For many years he was the curator of the live radio show, “Music is Freedom” on WCBN 88.3FM (U of Michigan radio) where his groups performed long, uninterrupted sets of improvised music.

    Rob is a main component of Nessa Music where he helps Kelly arrange the ballads of the U.K.

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