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  1. It was nice talking to you Amanda. I need to go and get my child in bed. if you ever want to exchange ideas on activities you can email me at northerncats31@yahoo.com. have a great evening.
  2. I do a mini calendar council where the residents look over the new calendar before I send it to be printed and we change what they don't like. we have 81 beds filled at moment but can have as many as 102
  3. if you don't mind me asking how do you run your activities there. we have a different set of activities and calendar for memory care. there is 2 of us that runs the activities. we split the day in half. first part I am on memory care and then upstairs on the long term and rehab in afternoon. I put the calendars together and really love it
  4. what type of facility do you work in? I work in long term care with a rehab unit, lock down memory care unit, and of course long term
  5. C.E for the body of knowledge for NCCAP
  6. I know what you mean. I started as an activity aide almost 2 years ago and got the offer to take over for the director after a year. she is still over seeing everything until I am done with classes and my C.E. it has be a little overwhelming at times but very rewarding also
  7. I will be. what did you think of this class. I really enjoyed it. some of the assignment were very time consuming but educational
  8. I can't wait for mine to be over. I bet it feels good not to have to stress over it anymore. will you be taking the MEPAP2 course
  9. me too. once I stopped over thinking them they fell together for me. I am finishing up my last 3 this week and then off to the final exam. little nervous
  10. it is fine. just working on support groups close to me. not much luck in small town.
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