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  1. yes it was nice .. thank you for chatting I will be in touch to exchange ideas . Have a good night
  2. I have tried that and they always tell me everything looks good and complain after we do the activity
  3. I am the only one in activities we are a 54 bed unit and I have 1 activity calendar. I love putting the calendar together and having the residents try new activities but they really don't like change so it can be a struggle
  4. I work in long term care facility
  5. I guess I will have to check into that more. I was told that I only had to take the class and I would be all set.
  6. I really did enjoy the class and the work But for me its been a struggle because I got hired as activities director and then they put me in the class the very next day. I have never done an online class so it took some time for me to get used to it, Plus I can't get internet at my home so I have to come into work to do all the work including chats. It made for very long days that's for sure. But once I was able to get into a routine and I really enjoyed it. I think i'm going to be missing it once its over.
  7. I took the final today I have been so stressed out over I just had to get it done
  8. I think I have finally completed them. They have been stressing me out but I think that its because I have been over thinking them.
  9. What kind of support groups do you work on? I know the feeling there is never much luck in small towns.
  10. How are you doing this evening?
  11. Wednesdays sounds greats I'm in Maine so how does 7pm sound?
  12. That would be great I can do Monday-Weds or Friday evening This would be for the MEPAP1 final Practicum Chat
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