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  1. I have to agree with gina on the january 5, 2005 post regarding the laziness of AD's and the negative sounding post of the other individual. I also have problems sometimes with the patients coming to activities becasue they aren't brought out of bed by the cna's. I realize that there are days in which it is very busy, and those days I am informed of this so I can plan accordingly. I have issues when the census is down, there are no pressing duties, the aides are lounging around and then the patients don't attend activities. These days do not occur daily, but when they do, they are frustrating. I also hear comments like "I wish I could get paid to do crafts or play games", which is also frustrating, because we are way more than a bingo caller or a leader of crafts. I do not it let it affect my program, by being positive about the situation. Being angry and snide to others will not help at all and will get you no where but in a bad mood also. I do encourage you to speak up for yourself if you are being treated rudely. I did one day, after an aide made a comment to me about getting paid to play games, do puzzles, crafts, etc. I explained to her that I really do more than what she sees (2nd shift). She really only sees me for about an hour of my whole day. I believe she felt embarrassed that she made the comment, but I was professional and calm about the whole matter. Anyway........... I am not sure of the rules where this person works, but I technically cannot get these patients out of bed and transfer, etc. to get to activitites, because of the facility regulations and the training and such. I could easily do this (and would be glad to) as a Home and Community Based Program Manager/QMRP, I worked in a facility for developmentally disabled children and adults for over 10 years performing every daily living task from transferring manually and with lifts, using behavioral management techniques to divert escalating situations, bathing, cooking, cleaning up waste, vomit, you name it. But, this is not my position as of now in the facility I work in, that is the purpose behind job descriptions, I believe. This person may need to reflect upon why he/she chose the profession he/she did. Unfortunately, anywhere you work you will find things you don't care for. My suggestion for anyone is to practice self-control and professionalism. When something is thrown my way that is upsetting, I take a few deep breaths, think about it, and see how it can be turned into a positive experience. I always try to remain professional, but sometimes, I need to put on my thick skin. I apologize for the long post. I encourage everyone to create a good day! 8-) :-D
  2. Hi! I work in Prairie du Chien, live in Wauzeka. Prairie is about an hour directly south of Lacrosse right on the Mississippi. Sorry about the long name, you know us activity people, we have to be unique! hahaha :-D
  3. I am currently at $14.20 an hour, but I also am the Lifeline program manager and the Employee Healthy Lifestyles Coordinator. My location is rural southwest wisconsin :-)
  4. I read a poem somewhere about "the activity gal/guy at my door". If I recall correctly, it was written about how each day the elderly see you at their door asking them to participate in activities, and in a humerous way, that we are not the "bad guy" making them come out to do things. It was a cute little poem, but I can't seem to remember where I read it or find it in any of my activity magazines. Does anyone recall any poem like this? Do you have any links to it or any direction for me? Thanks in advance! :-D :-D
  5. Hello, new to site. From Southwest Wisconsin on the Mississippi River. Activitity Director at a 32 bed critical access rural hospital, and also at an independent living apartment complex. My "side" jobs include Coordinating employee wellness at the hospital and also am the Lifeline Program Manager for this area. Great site!
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