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  1. Hello, you could have a sudae bar. Make it like in the 60's with the tall ice cream glasses or do old fashioned malts.Ice cream is allways good.
  2. Hi Chastity, I am also new to the field. I have been the receptionist in the facility for 2 years. I have always helped with Activities and was good friends with the Director. She had to have back surgrery which left her unable to return to work. She is in bad shape and has had 9 surguries in a year. They asked me to take the position. I am on week 15. Can't wait to be done and get started. Good luck to you.
  3. Hi, In my Facility when we have National Holidays such as National Nursing Home Week the facility wants the staff involved. If your facility does this how do you plan Activities for third shift?
  4. Hello, I don't know if you have Staples Office Supply where you are but, they do our calendars and the sell boarders and decorative items to place around the board. We also have a large bulletin board and it allways looks cute. Hope this helps.
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