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  1. ALS can develop an unusual symptom called “pseudobulbar affect.” Crying or laughter at inappropriate times that is difficult to shut off. Pseudobulbar affect is the result of a brain reflex that is no longer working correctly. It does not necessarily mean that a person is feeling anxious, sad, depressed, or emotionally distraught. Pseudobulbar affect may manifest yet there are no other cognitive, behavioral, or psychological symptoms. Simplify communications and break sentences up into short phrases. Ask yes/no questions. Slow down when speaking. Most importatly, look for the meaning behind
  2. How many men do you have? How many men do you think you need to have to create male related activities? If you are not planning anything for the gents, you would be failing to provide 'person centered' activities required by current regulations. Could those few men you have get together to create their own special club? Can you solicit male volunteers to sit with the guys to share stories, talk about sports, create a collector's club? Take the time to review their comprehensive assessment to learn more about their careers, past leisure pursuits, family, etc. - You are bound to come up with id
  3. Men of the generation that are currently residencts in LTC now were once responsible for household earnings to put food on the table and give them shelter. Now that they are no longer expected to toll for the pay, they tend to feel like they no longer have a purpose; ultimately they need to feel useful again. Asking them if they would like to be responsible for doing things around the facility that would help others would given them a purpose again. Review their comprehensive assessments and make an inventory of past careers, hobbies, leisure pursuits. Focus on the skills that still remain and
  4. Hello Danielle, You wrote that you are a department of women - consider eliciting male volunteers to run gender appropriate activities. You can reach out to community senior centers, local libraries, town hall representatives, local car or bridge clubs and even finding resources through local real estate professionals. (Real estate pros are always looking for ways to self promote and connect within the community to generate future leads for home sales). Dont' forget to connect with local colleges for possible internships. Many schools require community service outreach as part of education.
  5. Pleased that this article gave you good ideas... You will also find greater success in terms of participation when your focus is on "matching" previous lifestyle pursuits and interests (identified from a comprehensive history review) to the many potential ideas and suggestions out there to incorporate in your calendar. You are not simply filling idle time - you are looking for something that is meaningful. Truth be told - I have seen increased participation and interest from the gents in the group whenever the event leader is also a gentleman. Thus, I have always promoted male volun
  6. Activities for Alzheimer’s – Cliff Notes M. Celeste Chase, AC-BC, ACC, CDP Look for adaptive strategies & techniques that focus on strengths/skills that the individual still posses Allow the individual to retain as much control possible to help foster a sense of personal dignity Integrate “chunking” methods - (simplify tasks -> break down step by step) Attention span may have limited so plan programs of no more than 20 to 45 minutes of time segments. Programs are most effective when they are multi-sensory & spanned over consecutive days (facilitate memory input) and are connec
  7. OBRA '87 requires every LTC facility to have a Resident Council it is the political voice of those that reside in the facility. Required positions on the council are president, vice president and secretary/treasurer. Residents need to approve any staff member or visitor to attend these meetings. The President is the spokesperson for the council & the chairperson keeps the minutes (copy to the Admin.). The Activity or Social Service staff is usually the chairperson.The chairperson is responsible for scheduling the monthly meeting, announcing the meeting & posting an invitations, creati
  8. Interesting to note that I did not find relevant information specific to Activity Director burnout while searching online. Can anyone find any useful information on the topic???
  9. Yes - "thinking out of the box" ...self value may be in the eyes of the beholder! TY for your reply.
  10. Glad to know that this article resonated with you. The article information has hopefully offered you a sense of having your own personal internal ability to stay positive and satisfied in the work that you do! Best .....
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