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  1. Hey everyone! My name is Amy Helgeson and I am a recent high school graduate from a high school in Minnesota. I have had a soft spot for seniors ever since I was a young girl, and this year I really found my purpose in creating something to benefit their lives. For the past year I have been working on a startup that helps seniors cognitive development through creative brain exercises and classes based around entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking. I am completely new to this space, and I want to learn more about the pain points you as Activity Directors have. I want to know the best way to accommodate both ADs and senior citizens to make both of your lives better. If you are willing I’d love to hear your responses and thoughts on this industry. How many people do you have on staff to plan activities? Is it just you or do you have assistants? What are some problem areas you have related to activities? What would make your life easier when it comes to senior activities? What do you wish you had? How often, if ever, do you hire outside help? (This could be in the form of hiring musicians, teachers, Bingo Callers, etc.) Is there anything I should know about this space or how to get involved with ADs? Any information or insights you have would be helpful Thanks! I am excited to pursue a career in an area that helps this amazing demographic of people.
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