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  1. Annually in the Spring, the Residents of Alaris-Belgrove don their best gangster suit and hat or sequined flapper dress with a feather boa and congregate in the dining room to celebrate Casino Day. Casino Day is a very popular activity at our facility. The dining room is decked out with images of die, playing cards, and glitzy centerpieces while the music of none other than the Chairman of the Board, Frank Sinatra wafts in the background. The first objective to Casino Day is to look the part. This is where planning from the Recreation Department comes in in the ordering of hats, vests, feather boas from Oriental Trading and several other online stores. It is imperative to order these a month in advance in order to assure that the items will be shipped within the requested timeframe. At the heart of Casino Day are the games. We offer Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, and token-accepting slot machines. Each game is given its own table and staff member attendant/dealer. Some of the necessary materials include multiple sets of playing cards, playing chips, a roulette wheel, and the slot machines. Raffle tickets are distributed to each resident in order to offer a door prize later in the afternoon. The menu is another highlight to our event. The dietary departments offers finger foods and snacks, including pigs in a blanket, potato chips, and soft pretzels. In addition to the snacks, mock tails and fresh juices are served in plastic flutes and tumbler cups to give off a feeling of sophistication and elegance. Our mock tails consist of non-alcoholic drink mixes (ex: Pina Colada, Strawberry Daiquiris, etc.) and ice in case we choose to use a blender to keep the drinks cool. Big events like Casino Day require a large, collaborative effort from the staff at Alaris Belgrove. The nursing and administrative staff are notified of this even weeks in advance. Notices are posted in the elevator to remind the staff of the different homemade costumes they can create. The staff also volunteers to participate in distributing the meals and assisting the residents in playing games. Casino Day provides the residents an opportunity to be social and enjoy the exciting, new challenges of playing a variety of games. For some, the music and costumes provide an opportunity to reminisce on the nostalgia of the past. For our foodies, there is a nice variety to their daily diet. Even if Lady Luck is not on their side, a good time is to be had by all.
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