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  1. Even though I'm just beginning ME2 and not doing any careplanning as of yet, your article helped me understand the reasoning behind it and how the activity staff is important to the end goal. Thanks, Lisa
  2. Hi StaceyO! It's nice that your client liked the facility enough to want to come back! I work in a 66 bed SNF attached to a large IL facility. We also have a social day center as part of our campus (no skilled nursing or CNAs) that I have worked extensively at but now work at one day a week. Primarily we serve memory care participants (over 62 years of age) but they're all at different stages in their dementia. Because we are part of our larger facility we are able to offer a lunch which is brought up to us from our SNF kitchen--residents order what they want from each day's menu when they get to us in the morning--it's the same menu our SNF have. The food is pretty good. I tell you that because we have three pricing options: 1/2 day with lunch (4 hrs or less) 1/2 day without lunch & full day. There are two price categories: residents of our community and those who come from outside the community. Outsiders pay 62.50 for a full day (more than 4 hours) which includes lunch there is no option for full day w/o lunch. 1/2 day with lunch is 42.50 and without is 32.50. I hope that helps! I'm happy to answer any questions you have.as I've had alot of experience in our day center. Good luck with your exciting new venture! Lisa
  3. Hi Doreen I'm in Nashville,TN doing ME1-030618 and also working FT as an Activity Partner. Do you work in Activities? I'm doing the scheduled course & just starting week 13, in less than 1 month I will have finished ME1!! It flew by. Are you enjoying the class? Are you doing own pace? As far as class & working goes, after work at the end of the day I;m too exhausted to do much, so I do my best work early in the morning, I usually just get up an hour earlier than normal.. When I'm not scheduled for weekend work, I do my written assignments then. Pretty much all my "off" time is spent doing course work, but I keep reminding myself in 6 more months I will be done with the ALL course work and I know how good that will feel
  4. Hey you two! I'm also here for the Final Practicum : ) My name is Lisa Drew I live in Nashville, TN and work in a SNF as an Activity Partner. I work FT and am taking this course with the goal of becoming an ADC. I am learning sooo much n this course and this forum is just one of many new things I'm finding out about. I'm happy to know there's a place to connect with other activity people. The one practicum I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out how to do is the "plan and implement an educational program for your residents. We have a mixed group of residents who are with us for Memory Care and for Skilled Nursing Care. Does anyone have any ideas?
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