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  1. HI, Could you please send me a copy too? Only have been an AD for 6 months now and still trying to find my way. Still have a lot of problems with the care plans. Guess it will come to me in time. I sure hope so. Love being a AD and love my residents. Thanks, Dixie gaigem@adams.net
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    Hi, My name is Dixie, I work in a LTC. Have recently taken over Activity Dept. Have 1 an 1/2 helpers. We are currently at 50, but really working hard to add new family members. Was previously Head Housekeeper/Laundry Supervisor for 2 1/2 years. Have been with the facility for 5 years. Haven't had much of training yet, but do go this month for the 36 hour course. Luckly the old AD helps me out a lot, she was promoted to SS. So things are looking real good right now. Know I have a lot to learn, but with God's help all things will turn out. Love being the elderly and know that is where it should all start. All the paper work is a little scary at times, but hope to deal with all of it too. Have been reading this board and find it is a really great place.
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