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  1. Hi Mycca! I'm from Lubbock Texas! Nice to meet you. I will be working in a swingbed unit soon. I'm as green as the grass, so I might not be much help with issues, But I'd love to learn from all y'all with experience!
  2. I had a few Ideas, how about a scavenger hunt! Seems like resident's like a litle mystery!
  3. Hi I'm Karen I live in Lubbock Tx area, I am also finishing my MEPAP1, the exam is out of the way and I am ready to fax everything in! I will be working in a Swingbed Unit soon. I'm ready to get started, and put all this learning into action.
  4. Wish I had any ideas about how to help but I'm reading the comments and learning...thanks for the information!
  5. Hi Sammcghee, I am meeting others too. Nice to meet you. I am glad to be finishing up! I sure have learned alot.
  6. Hi Jas1982 I'm a Texan! Nice to meet you I visited Pennsylvania once in October 1981 and the trees were so beautiful!
  7. Hi Rose, my name is Karen i'm from Lubbock Texas. Finishing up MEPAP1. I didn't have any experience when I started, it was difficult. I work two jobs, have a farm, and work full time. I haven't had time to do anything for myself. LOL I took the 16 week course, I wished I had taken the at your own pace course. I agree that it has definitely opened my eyes! Thanks!
  8. Nice to know you cpitts629! I am finishing up my MEPAP1 also! It's been a real learning experience.
  9. Hi I am finishing up my MEPAP1 also, I live in Lubbock Texas area! small world. I am glad it's coming to an end, I sure did learn a lot! Ready to use what I've learned!
  10. I'm overwhelmed right now with this final practicum. I'm finally done! I hope everyone is doing ok on their practicum! just message me if there's anything I can do.
  11. My names is Karen, from Lubbock Texas. I am working on my final practicum....it's keeping me very busy!
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