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  1. That could be an activity in and of itself I guess. It is socialization and they are getting out of their rooms.
  2. Hello!!! My name is Deserie and I am on my final week of MEPAP1 it has been challenging to get through the semester because not only did I start school but I started a new job. I had been an Activity Director at an Alzheimer's Activity Center for 5 years before coming to a Memory Care Facility. For 5 years I did more running the facility and managing the staff than actually implementing the activities myself. The past 3 months have been a change of pace to say the least! I learned a lot in this course with Kathy she is super available and replies to questions and concerns very quickly I really appreciated that! I am taking a short break between 1 and 2. I do plan on taking the second half I'm just not in any rush to do so at the moment! Good luck everyone!!!
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