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  1. Silver Sneakers An activity that we offer at Bethany Village is Silver Sneakers for an exercise program. On our weekly calendar, Silver Sneakers occurs every Monday and Wednesday and then Thursday, Friday and Saturday is morning exercise. We started the Silver Sneakers program about a year ago and it has flourished! We offer the class from 10:00am to roughly around 10:45am. We offer the program to the assisted living residents as part of the wellness initiative. The supplies needed for this program are as follows, hand held free weights, resistance bands and small lightweight ex
  2. Hello everyone! My name is Erica Souter and I am in the process of completing the first half of the MEPAP course, in a month I will be starting MEPAP 2 to become certified as an activity director! I cannot wait to connect with activity professionals and gain more experience and knowledge! Have a great day!
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