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  1. Priscilla D. Mepap2 030618 Final Practicum Professional Development Implementing Educational Program Science Experiment ​Big Dry Ice Bubble Science Experiments In our Therapeutic Recreation Department, we offer science experiment programs twice a month. I as the Director, search the internet for science experiments that my male residents suggest. These science experiments assist my male residents in stimulating their brain and they contribute to their quality of life. These programs range from 30 minutes to an hour in time length and our male residents enjoy partaking in this
  2. I passed with an 90; really depressed about that score but hey, i passed. Yes, some of the questions were duplicated and some were worded differently but the same. Congrats to all. Im waiting until oct to take mepap2 due to my stress level. I want to be more focused and less stressed all the time. I'm also getting my AA in liberal arts.
  3. I have educated my aides as well on how important it is for them to assist their residents in attending activities. For the most part, there are still just a few that do assist, and half the time the aides come into our parties expecting to get some treats. I inform them that if you cannot assist in getting your residents to the parties then you don't need a treat. They are well informed of their job duties, and assisting their residents to activities is part of their job. I know that some aides are busy, but the majority just sit around and gossip. Those that do assist us, I give them a
  4. Hi, Im Priscilla and im in MEPAP1 and started in April. I have acquired a lot knowledge taking this class and look forward to taking Mepap2 in 2 months. Provided with resourses, networking, and in depth understanding, Im truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to be in the class.
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