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  1. We have done this in my facility. It depends on what the patients are doing during lunch that counts. Are they socializing, are they reminiscing, listening to music... Eating lunch itself I would not count as leisure activity since it is an essential daily activity, but I think that most patients eating in a dining room are getting some kind of leisure activity out of it. We even document on those patients that eat in their rooms, not for eating, but for watching TV, current events, visitors, watching nature out their window, etc...
  2. We are doing an Open House type Tea Social for Easter Sunday. Patients can invite family, friends, anyone they want to come and it is an open house style group forum for 90 minutes. There will be some sweet desserts and savory appetizers served along with a variety of beverages including mock mimosas with sprite and orange juice. These type of events seem to be well received in our facility on holidays.
  3. kittyf, OK for today, Friday 4/7 at 4:45. It seems yesterday we got in during an actual Chat session. I do not do well in the group chat sessions. It is overwhelming to me. See you there.
  4. I see you were in the open discussion room for a few minutes kittyf. I could not get my act together to get a message to you quick enough, I sent my original message with my name which is ConnieW and forgot to reference retsbewc. If there is another time you can chat I am open. I have been in the Home Health Chat Room and it seems to be more open for this rather than the live chat with so many people.
  5. Kittyf, I am in the Live Chat Open Discussion room. I hope you find me Actually there are quite a few people in that chat room, it looks like we could use the Home Health Chat room and have it to ourselves. I have this pulled up as well so let me know what you think or I will just find you.
  6. I will try to be in the Chat Room at 4:45 today. Is this Pacific Time? Thank you. I will send you an email. Is this in the Activity Director MEPAP Chat room?
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