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  1. I'm totally open to chatting with someone - I'd love to discuss new ideas besides those I have and what I've talked to folks about on Tuesday night chats - specifically, National Nursing Home Week - what are some of your ideas to plug into "RED WHITE & BLUE" day without getting all into the flag? I'm thinking about food items, etc?
  2. I'm curious as to whether you all (a month ahead of me) are going straight into the next MEPAP2? Thanks in advance... Jodi
  3. I've done a private chat in the chatrooms = during an open chat for our MEPAP1 chats - I'm open to chatting again - we can talk on here, etc. Have a lovely day Jodi
  4. I think the app idea is a very good one - I can see being able to use this easily inside the building Thanks for thinking of it! I look forward to seeing what comes of it!
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