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  1. Good afternoon, Hope your doing well with your classes. I am from upstate New York, I live between Syracuse and Rochester. I work in a Long Term Nursing home with 124 beds, I have 3 other staff members and have 6 common areas that we are able to do activities. If you need continue education hours, go to some of the seminars that are available in your area, you will learn so much more and its great to have the input from those that have been in this business for a long time. They are different sites that also can help you check out Facebook, under Activities Directors, lots of ideas that are posted often. You can find me on there as well. Good luck with your class, Mary Zonneville
  2. Just trying to figure how to use this program, I'm taking MEPAP thankful that it gives me the opportunity to learn about activitiies
  3. Afternoon tea's are very popular, if its warm where you are try have cucumber sandwiches, tuna and egg sandwiches. Or do Scones they all like that kind of stuff. Might want to also do some information about women in history,
  4. Hello, We all feel the same, before you know it, everything will click for you, you will know your residents and staff develop a relationship with all of them. Most of all, have fun and keep it simple. Good luck, and congratulations Mary Zonneville 120616
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