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  1. I am working towards this Certification and have a few questions. 1. Is the test online or at a facility? 2. We need to apply for the Code to take the test, has anyone been turned down? 3. How long does the test take? 4. Study time? What was your average time each day to prepare? Any information would be helpful. I just completed both MEPAP 1 and @ and the CEU's and want to get the testing done ASAP. Family job situations has changed and we will be relocating to NC from AZ and I want to be Certified before I apply for a new position. Life takes us on many journeys and this is my new adventure. Tank you in advance for any insight. Jan Lawrence
  2. Home earlier than expected. Anyone open for a chat?
  3. It is 5:23 here now. I will be back at 8:00 and online if anyone is available. Thanks you!!! jan
  4. It is 5:22 here now I will be home at 8:00 and back on line if anyone is available to chat. This is the last item to complete my practicum. Thanks in advance!!
  5. First time on. Need to find a partner to chat for finals. Any takers?
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