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  1. Hello. I work in a smaller assisted living community that houses 34 residents. Out of the 34 residents we have a memory care unit that only houses 6 residents. To get residents to attend activities or outings is a huge struggle. I have tried everything, have put out suggestion boxes for them have done numerous different outings and nothing seems to work. If i put on a food outing they say "Why should we have to buy our meal when its included here at the facility" or "If i want to go out and eat I can take myself". These things make it a constant struggle to perform my job and get residents engaged in activities. Please Help ! They only activity they show up for is bingo and they complain the whole time about the candy of how i should do it for longer than an hour. My budget is stretched to the max already and I cannot keep buying over 150 dollars in bingo candy a month.
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