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  1. Hello!


    I am currently finishing up my MEPAP II final practicum and would like to share my Activity Development that I have worked on. All of the information is below.


    Thanks so much!



    Bingo Spin to Win

                Bingo is a classic fun game that is a staple in every nursing home activities program. Since I work for a non-profit agency, we don’t have a lot of extra funds available to be spending on bingo prizes every week, especially when the average amount of games we play per week is 25. We use to have a lot of support from our community in getting donated gifts, but when we got 10 new things they were gone that week, and it was hard to keep up. We had tried many different ways to do Bingo prizes verses the traditional get a prize when you win.

                We started to think about what makes playing bingo fun, and we asked our residents this question as well. The answers were unanimous in saying that they like the chance to get to win. So we asked our residents and volunteers for their suggestions for bingo prizes. After coming up blank for about a week, we had a volunteer come in and tell us that she asked her sister, who lives in Florida at a nursing home facility, she had an idea. She explained to us that every time they won bingo, they would get a punch card, and after so many they got a prize. So we took this idea and developed it to better suit our needs.

                So the development of the Bingo Spin to Win game was created. It was a game inside of a game, with elements of excitement, chance, and variation.

    What you need:

    • Bingo Punch card
    • Decorative hole punch
    • Spin to Win Wheel
    • Prizes for each category

    How it works:

      Each resident gets a Bingo Spin to Win Punch Card, which we just developed using examples we found on Google.

      Each time we play bingo and a resident wins, they get a punch on their Bingo Spin to Win Punch Card. When they get to 10 punches, then they get to spin the wheel and get a prize. The wheel is divided into different sections: section layout.

      When they spin the wheel, they get to pick from a table labeled with whatever prize type the spinner landed on. At first we had two spaces that were no prize, but residents would get really discouraged when they wouldn’t win, so we got rid of it. This was exciting for the residents to have the chance to win really big, but even if they didn’t, they still got a nice prize. Not everyone was able to get an extra-large prize, which are the types of prizes that they would take from first when we gave prizes out with each win.

      This has been in place for a few months at our facility and it has been working out better than we ever thought it would. Variation and adaptation is what makes programs like these great, so please use what you can and change what you can’t. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me using the email address above.



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