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  1. Those are great ideas! We have recently started doing lots of puzzles at our facility. The residents and staff have so much fun working together to complete them as fast as possible. They are great for working the mind and eyes as well as hands and fingers. After they are complete we put them on poster board and frame them to hang around our facility. Another fun thing we like to play similar to Jeopardy is a twisted version of Hangman/ wheel of fortune. I come up with topics such as movie stars, movies, shows, songs, etc and the residents all guess a letter and try to solve the puzzle, the winner gets a prize from our bingo prize cart!
  2. At our facility we play 3 times a week. Monday Wednesday and Fridays, on Wednesdays a local church group comes in and calls bingo and they have a large prize cart for residents to choose their prizes from. On Mondays and Fridays my Assistant calls bingo and we also have a prize cart that we pass around that contains things like toiletries, candy, snacks, drinks, slippers, figurines, and many other neat little gifts.
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