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  1. Wow, I thought I had it bad. I do not see how you manage. I am in a 120 bed facility. Most of the time census is around 90. I am the Acting Activities Director and I have two assistants. One full time and one part time. I still find it impossible to get everything done. Although I am doing well, I find it hard to get my assistants to do all the one on one visits that are needed. I stress to them how important it is but they still do not get it all done. I am too busy with my own work to jump in with them. I am considering ways to make time to do it myself since they don't seem to realize how important it is.
  2. We play Bingo 3 times a week. Monday Wed, and Friday. We have a small handfull of regulars but that is all. I have mentioned in resident council about decreasing the days for bingo. Of course, most of them are not involved so, they don't care. Bingo was in place before I came as well. We give a nickle for each regular game and a quarter for blackout. I have started donation dollar store gifts for coverall and that has gone over very well. I am still thinking of having bingo on Mondays only.
  3. Thanks for the idea. I love it. I am new to activities and I am finding so many good ideas. My residents do not seem interested in arts and crafts but this sounds like something they may actually be interested in. We have a lot of birds here in the Florida Keys. I am sure it would be rewarding for them to watch birds come to a craft they made themselves.
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    Thanks all. I too am in MEPAP1-Own Pace. I am learning quite a bit as well. I love looking at the different sites and activities others post. I am in great need of help. I am new to this and have no one to teach me. I live in the Florida Keys and we do not have many qualified persons around. It was nice to get info for studying for the National Activities Director Exam. I was wondering about that.
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