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  1. Assessments are very helpful in understanding the levels of cognitive ability so you can help the resident receive the best of care and attention needed for them. I really enjoy working with the residents to help them in any way that i can. I have found that even with the lower levels i have been able to succeed with my programs in what i call strengthening the mind and mind stretching. I have experienced residents who for weeks would not say a word or show an expression on their face after participating in my programs i now see smiles laughter and they willing answer me if i ask them a question. It is the best feeling i the world to know you can still grasp them in ways never imaginable. i get responses from their family members of how much they appreciate all the things i am doing with their loved ones to help them. My job is very rewarding and i never thought i would ever love a job like i do now.
  2. My Members are in three levels of cognitive ability. The lower level loves to play parachute ball, missing letters, rhyming words, quotes, name that tune, what is the color of...., animals from A-Z, Person Place or thing, This group is my favorite group to work with because i love to see what answers they come up!!!!
  3. hello my name is Angela Watts, I am an activities coordinator at Golden Grace Day Activities and health services. I have been in the medical field for over 20 years and decided I wanted to help my elders since i had to start taking care of my father who was diagnosed with Parkinson's and Dementia as well as being my grandfathers caregiver who was diagnosed with dementia. I have found that this is my calling in life and wanted to pursue a career sharing my life with other elders and taking care of them. I am a cancer survivor, married and have a beautiful daughter who as well goes to work with me to be with the elders who absolutely love her as if they were all her grand parents. I enjoy doing all kinds of activities with my members and being their to help their families in their times of need when they need support during the hard times. After I get my certification i plan to further my studies in social working and talking certified classes through ALZ association, I hope as these courses move forth that i may have more of a networking base to keep intouch with fellow students and those who are a part of this network. i would love to hear from all of you and get to know you more!
  4. Music works great, therapy ball with a beach ball, singing, word games, building a house, things in your house, building a car, things in your car, places in your community, things the color of... Etc
  5. At my facility I am the Activities Coordinator and I have 3 activities assistants under me that run activities. We have 3 levels of cognitive abilities and I usually work with the one on one. My pay is greatly higher than the Activities assistant because of the work I do. Each facility is different.
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