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  1. Dear Newbie, I agree with you regarding younger seniors wanting more stimulating activities for their leisure time. What specific activities do they ask for or engage in most often in your facility/community? The younger residents at my facility could still drive and were very independent, so they mostly planned their own outings, but were open to us providing community resources for free or inexpensive exercise classes for seniors. I appreciate any activity ideas you can give me for my active and independent seniors! Thanks, Lynn D.
  2. Pattr, Do you have a Helen Keller Center in your state? They teach classes in sign language, and have many volunteers, staff, and resources to check out. Even if you don't have a center in your state, the national office representative should be able to give you a list of ASL signers in your area. Another great resource is an online free ASL video dictionary, ASLpro, where they show you how to make the sign you need. Hope these ideas are at least a starting point! Lynnd
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