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  1. Professional Development There are a whole lot of activities that our clients do at Adult Day Health. It is essential that their physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional needs are met. How do we go about that? We find out the information during the initial activities assessment intake, any new information about them needs to be updated yearly, and at the monthly site council meeting The activity that we do a lot here and that the clients enjoy is crafts. The supplies that are needed for peanut butter bird feeders are several large pinecones, peanut butter, (vegetable shortening for those with nut allergies), birdseed, string, pipe cleaners or wire, scissors, butter knife, 2 or more plate, and a place to hang your bird feeder ( a tree ) . This activity makes the clients use their hands so it is good for their physical needs. It allows them to be creative with their minds in discussion of the seasons, and types of birds so cognitive skill is being used. Let’s begin. First prepare the pinecones, second spread the peanut butter, third roll it in birdseed, fourth hang it outside, and fifth enjoy and educate. Another craft activity with the pinecones is Christmas ornaments. The supplies that are needed are glitter, beads with a lager opening, jingle bells, pearl string, tacky glue, elastic string, ribbon, hot gun, paint brush, Let’s get started. Apply the glue to the pinecone with a paintbrush, now apply the glitter or shake in a plastic bag (be creative and mix the colors), let the pinecones dry. Now we are going to hang the pinecones. We will need the hot gun for this. Make a loop with the elastic, thread the bead, tie a knot, trim excess, glue it in place, spice it up with jingle bells, thread a jingle bell and repeat. With the ribbon and the pearl string you can add the jingle bells too and hot glue them. Now it is time to decorate the tree and enjoy. This activity meets their physical and cognitive needs and interests for the season. Another activity that we do a lot is physical exercise. This meets the clients’ physical needs and cognitive needs. It gets them encouraged and enthusiastic. Examples of these are stretch and stroll, hula toss, basketball, volleyball, softball, corn hole, ladder golf, kickball, and bowling. The supplies needed are in the 2nd activity closest full of physical equipment. Every morning we have a daily show which includes news chronicle on current and history information. The clients are engaged quality discussion and this is good for recall and cognitive skills. We have next the morning devotion and music which meets their spiritual needs and interests.
  2. Hi I'm Kimberly working in an adult day health center.
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