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  1. at our centre it is very hard to keep men occupied in activities so we come up with several activities just for me and like building a picture frame men's day out and poker night. Which is them playing cards
  2. AHILL

    Stroke STR

    Than you for this I am going to give it to staff and do a in service on this
  3. We play bingo at our center 2x a week Thursday and Saturday
  4. we at our center are trying to Skype with the family members that live out of state so I can talk with their loved ones
  5. Hello my name is Amy and I work in Alabama as the Concierge.I have been here for 17 years. I look forward to talking with you all
  6. I always ask myself this question am i doing enough. am i doing enough to help this person each day to make their life happy does anyone else struggle with this question
  7. There is one on Monday night in the chat room on assisted living
  8. We Had it at ours we had a theatrical person read poetry to our residents they like it even the staff came in and listen to her read it we will be doing this again thank you .
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