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  1. You can get small boxes and cover them to look like cubed boxes. Take and copy and enlarge pictures of the residents. Glue them to stand up in the boxes or baskets. Fill in with leaves or artificial grass. Place them at the table where they will set. Write something about the 80's and tag the boxes with it so they can read it.
  2. We had bingo games, and the persons who bingoed won IOU's. At he end of the month we set up a store and marked the items for sale. The residents would use their IOU's to pay for the items.
  3. I love to go home and pull off my bra .lol Most of our residents don't wear bras. They do if they go to the Dr. or to Wal-Mart.
  4. We play bingo four times a week. We give them quarters or prizes. This week I bought hats to give for the fourth of July outside party. They liked that and the solar powered flowers and etc.
  5. Lotion rubs on hands and arms. Pictures of things from their younger days. Music from their past Let them taste different things and tell you if they are sweet, salty, or sour. Let them watch movies from their past.
  6. Does anyone have any ideas for a craft for residents that have limitations that would not be too childish for them?
  7. It is hard to define the quality of life for a resident. Your opinion may not be the correct answer for someone else's life. But you try to figure that out with time spent with that person. Quality of Life is the product of the interplay among social, health, economic and environmental conditions which affect human and social development.
  8. My name is Paula. I am from Texas. I am taking the MEPAP 1 class to get certified to be an Activity Director.
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