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  1. Hi just wondering what everyone else has planned for this week? We are having a apperication party with co-workers, and residnets. We are a very small dept. Only me and my asst. so to end the week I am taking her out to lunch, and I got her a few gifts from postive promotions. Happy Activity Professional Week to All!!! :-)
  2. Hi I have to agree with eveyone else that we are all unpaid. AD asst. in ohio {the part i am from} make about 7-8.50 a hour... not great.. but farther out they can make 12-15 a hour.. thats more then I make as a AD. We all desire to be paid for the jobs we do.. and that job is usually ours and alot of others peoples work that is passed to us because... we have soooo much free time!! :-P
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