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  1. We make a list of things to do and post it in the activities closet as a backup list. We have Keno and bingo on the list, but we also have hot potato, kickball, ball toss, sing along, sorting games, a simple dice game called "shake and roll", watercolor painting, puzzle time, and a number of other activities. I work at a day center, so the activities might be different than for a nursing home or other facility, but that's the gist of what I do in those situations. I usually try to get a feel for the room and what they're up for. Sometimes I just do a few smaller group activities if I can't find something to accommodate everyone.
  2. I work in a locked dementia unit at a day center, and this population can definitely pose a special challenge. I've found that music is often a great way to get them involved. We have one participant who wouldn't do any activities today, but when I put on her favorite Frank Sinatra tape, she sat up in her chair and started singing along, and afterwards was more open to ourother activities (a watercolor project). Fill in the blank activities with common old phrases also works to build confidence.
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