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  1. Hi Cari and Joan. I'm in a 116 bed facility with a lot of turnover due to rehab. Some ideas for 1:1 activities, which you may already know, can be making memory books. Have your Residents, if able, choose like pictures out of an old magazine (ex.: dogs for one idea) and cut them out. Use construction paper for pages and have them help you glue the pics to the pages. Use ribbon or the like after hole punching the pages for a book. Whatever topic of interest they chose will be in their room for them to share again with you or with others. Of course scent sensory is good - cinnamon, coffee, vanilla, etc. in jars. Textile box of articles of different textures is good such as smooth items like a silk scarf, rough items like sandpaper, feathery items, etc. for them to feel. I read chicken soup stories to mine. They are short and have good sense topics. If you can afford about two hundred dollars out of budget, you can look for a bear called spinoza bear that talks and sings using tapes. He is soft spoken and calming. There really are sooooo many things to do on a 1:1 visit. Hope some of these help.
  2. I don't know what State you are in, but I am not sure that matters. I'm Rose and the Director of Activities at a Nursing and Rehab facility. When I started there last May, there was already a happy hour program in place six days a week - Monday-Saturday from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. We serve alcohol, but only if requested by the Resident. I keep beer, wine coolers, rum, whiskey and vodka on hand. We also serve soft drinks and snacks. Snacks include potato chips, funyuns, cheese doodles, and bugles. Since we have happy hour six days a week instead of the normal 1 time per week or 2 x per month, we do not have live music. We play cd's on a machine. Some Residents chit chat, some play cards and others have family join them. I have been told my facility is the only one in our area that serves alcohol. Of course, the Residents have the right to choose and ours (some, not all) choose to imbibe. Other facilities in my area have happy hour once a week or 2 times per month and have a live music program. They also only serve soft drinks or that imitation beer. They do have better snacks, however. They serve hot hor d'vores (did I spell that right???) such as pigs in a blanket or wings or pizza rolls. Some add fresh fruit to the list or cheese and crackers. Hope all this helps.
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