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  1. Hi! My name is Brandy and I am an Activity Director for a CAH swing bed program as well, I am in east Texas. It sounds like you have a pretty good grasp on the basic activities. I would add thinks like manicure and hair style supplies, crochet and knitting supplies, word search, crossword puzzles, board games, dominoes(they love dominoes)I keep bibles becasue most of the patients love to read it or have me read it to them. I have a game I play for exercise, called noodle ball(take a swim noodle and cut it in half and toss a beach ball and let them hit it, good for hand/eye coordination/strengthening/fun. I just recently moved into a new facility and got an activity room but before that, I did alot of activities in the Patients' rooms. I also used the chapel and the dining room as often as possible. I try really hard to keep basic supplies for activities that the patients are interested in but, with the short term stay it is difficult sometimes. I still have a monthly activity calendar to offer suggestions, but I leave a blank spot just incase the patient chooses something different. email me whenever you like and we can trade ideas, it is hard to come across other swing bed programs! bmwansley@etmc.org
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