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  1. Hi, we play bingo 2x a week on Mon. and Fri. If you get everything else in to do, I don't have time to play more than that. I do other activities with other resident's. I think 2 times is plenty. Hope this helps. actpro
  2. actpro

    Holiday Look

    I love the new look, it is great....actpro
  3. Hi, I'm a ADC in Texas, I have an assistant. We have a Dementia Alz. Lock Unit. My assistant is the AD over it. She also helps me in front if I need assistance. We both help each other. She is new. I have been in the business for 12 years. So I am teaching her all the ropes. I hope this helps. I believe in everyone helping one another. Take care. actpro in Texas
  4. Hi Vanessa, Would you fax me a copy of the graph. I would like to have one. My fax at work is: 325-365-2530 Please put my name on it so I will get it. Vonda Charles, Runnels County Rehab and Nursing Center. Thank You, actpro (Vonda)
  5. [quotame=trixiedg' date='Jun 10 2007, 09:34 PM' post='8085]I have the same problem with the CNA's. What can we do to change them? Who knows. I have activities in the d/r also. Cna's bring one to the door, once in awhile. They put them to bed, when they want to attend activities. So this morning, I went to see if the resident was awake, she was so I asked the cna to get her up, she was so mad at me. Oh well. They should ask the resident if they want to attend activities before they stick them in bed. Why want they work with the AD? Wish I had the answers. But I love the resident's and what I do. So I keep on trying, and trying and trying!!!!!!! I know how you feel. This is something I am having problems with also. Why is it that no one can bring a resident all the way into the activity room instead of just inside the doorway? I also become irritated when there are interuptions that are not neccesary. Our activity area is also the dining room, so I have kitchen noises and someone always seems to have to come in to chat with the dietary staff during activities. Not to mention the garbage disposal and dishwasher that sounds like it is about to tear half the building down. Our facility actually has a policy against disturbing activities, but it is not adhered to. I have the support of the DON and ADM, but the rule actually being enforced is another story. I'm afraid if I try to enforce it, I may do more harm than good in the way of relationship with the staff. Most of our CNA's are very "tight" with one another. Do one wrong and you've done wrong to them all. I also have a problem with staff coming to get residents during or just before activities. Just as I finally talk a resident into coming to an activity that rarely gets involved, here comes a CNA after them for a bath. As I go down the hall to get someone else, because my assistant and I are the only ones getting residents to activities, I meet the one I just took down with their CNA going to get a bath. It's not like the activity calendar is not posted and no one has any idea when activities are scheduled. I guess these are all mysteries of the life of an AD.
  6. Hi there, I would like a copy of the form also. My email address is actpro12@wmconnect.com..Thank you, so much, and have a great day. Vonda
  7. Hi Gina, I am always looking for different kinds of activities to do with my resident's. Somthing different that they would like. So I always need help. I run out of things to do. The book is a great idea. I have done so many things with my Alz. resident's, from reading to them, take them strolling, which is very good, when they are in their walking stage. Alot of sensory act. with them. Good luck on your book. God Bless you. actpro from Texas
  8. Diana, I am in a little place called Ballinger, Tx. Do you have any insight, on the culture change. I would like to know how to get the rest of the staff to do activities. What is the name of your facility. Actpro
  9. Hi everyone, The state has been in our facility. New guidelines in effect. They ask nurses, CNA's, all staff, on what activities they do with residents. What all the residents do during the day. They ask me, AD, what I did with my resident's that did not attend activities. They were watching activities alot. Seeing who was coming into activities, and who was escorting resident's into the activity. Hope this helps. actpro in Texas
  10. Hi everyone, I need some help on this culture change. I have started some changes in our NH. We have started the home dining. We named our halls. Now I am working on getting everyone else to go along with activity change. I have not been able to do that. It is not my job they say. If anyone has any suggestions for me, please HELP. actpro in TEXAS
  11. :-) Hi, I live in west texas, and I am the only ADC for a nursing home, 120 bed facility. I do it alone. No assistant. I only make 10.30 an hour. I have asked for a raise. They say when our census comes up. I have been here in this facility for 8 years. On my annual evaluation, I just get a 3 percent raise. I think I should get more, but when owned by a corportation, that usually does not happen. I love what I do. And I am very dependable. I love all my resident's. So I just keep going, maybe one of these days, I will be appreciated a little more. Until then. I will be satisfied. God Bless you. actpro
  12. :-D Hi, I am planning for each day a different activity from each department. It starts Sunday with Mother's Day, we will have our Mother's day tea. Monday will be Resident Council day, and they planned a pajamas day, and will have milk and cookies in the afternoon. Tuesday is Dietary day, they have planned something, each day is different and you have activity, food and costume. It should be fun for all, it will get everyone involved. Later...actpro
  13. Hi, right before lunch, what works for my resident's. I put a CD on with Hands Up music. Most of my resident's like that, we wave our hands, and go back and forth with our hands and sing with the music. The cna's enjoy that too. Hope this helps.
  14. :-D Hi Diana, We are owned by Foundation Health, out of Baton Rouge. Yes, you are probably our sister facility. One of them. Am I right? Later, actpro
  15. ;-) Hi everyone...In Texas, the pay is from $8.00 to $10.00. I worked for 8.00 for six years. Then I finally got a raise to 10.00. That is not enough, but I love my job. So I do it. We are very underpaid. My families and others love me, and I deal with alot of residents, like social workers do. I don't get paid for that. I wish it would all change for AD's. We need more, but if you work for a coropation like I do. They will not pay you, what you deserve. Oh well. Life goes on. I do love all my resident's, all the families, I deal with. God will reward me some day. Later....actpro...in Texas
  16. :-) Hi, I am scheduled to work Mon.- Fri., but I do schedule things on weekends. I have church services, which I have a pastor to come in and do that. Then once a month, have church group that comes in to sing. My Sundays are covered unless I schedule something different. Saturdays, about once a month, I schedule groups to come in and sing. I work those. If I work on weekends, I take off during week. I did have a assistant, she worked once a month on Sat. Now it is just myself. So I take the time off. If you work on weekends, take the time off during week. We all need time to ourselves. Later....actpro
  17. :-P Do you know where Abilene is? Ballinger is about fourty miles south of there. It is a small town. Yes, I have been really upset with my job right now, it is due to people that work their though. My residents keep me going. We are owned by a corporation, and I don't like it. But have to deal with so much, it gets old fast. Where do you live in Texas? I need to come to this site more often. I just don't have alot of time. Nice talking with you. Later....
  18. :-D Hi....Would like to have a copy of the policy and procedures manual ...Thanks so much...send to actpro12@wmconnect.com
  19. I started this activity with my residents and they like it alot. It helps them to use their minds. Just get some magazines, lots of them, and make you a list of things for them to find in the magazines. I also use it as a game, the first one that finds everything first wins a prize. :-P
  20. I have been an AD since 1997...I love what I do...I found my calling when I became an AD. I live in a small town outside of Ballinger, Texas. Then drive to Ballinger to work. I hope everyone loves their job as well as I do. It is very rewarding to go into work and watch all the smiles take place, right then, is when you know you are loved. I would like to say "Hi" to all the AD's out there. Have a great day!!
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