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  1. Hi -- I am new here and your post is old, but if you are still looking I do have a new Activity that I am currently testing here in Minnesota. I will send you one to try out for free if you will send feed back, and of course a mailing address to mail it to. Movie Memories - full info at www.fesfilms.com/mm.html. -- Ron
  2. Hello! I really think I have invented a new activity for Seniors, one that has tested extremely well in a few facilities in Minneapolis. Movie Memories shows short films from the 1930s thru 1950s, followed by onscreen questions and a study guide to encourage recalling and sharing of personal memories that the films evoke. Not only for staff use, any resident who likes to talk can conduct interactive sessions with their friends. A few samples are online, and I will gladly send anyone a free Sampler DVD on request. At this early stage in development my main intent is to give out samples in return for feedback as to how well they work in your situation. Full info with Study Guides is at: www.fesfilms.com/mm.html. -- Ron Hall
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