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  1. This year is my first. I picked a Theme for the whole week and planned activities around that theme. It has been awesome, we are having so much fun!
  2. Just wanted to check in and thank you all for your kind words and insight. The only thing he seems to like so far is people, so we all make sure he attends every activity, the staff on his hall have fallen in love with him, and his mom comes twice daily every day. His entire etended family visits often, it's all going pretty well. Thanks again!
  3. thank you all. The young man cannot talk, he really can't communicate much at all, there's sort of an eye wiggle and a mouth movement and that is his only response to stimuli. He also can't eat at all NPO, with a g tube. I'm sure the staff will provide lots of stimuli via visits as we are all deeply affected by this family. His roomate is great, I can only hope he will show an interest in him. But the complete lack of back and forth communication will be a struggle for sure. I can bring him to all activities of course so he can see what everyone is doing, but we have no idea of his cognition. I'm off to research his diseases.
  4. Yeah, you read that right. My heart breaks for this family who is admitting their child. Resident is male, 24, total care and mostly bed bound. He cannot sit up at all, can only lie down, and only has one good eye. Resident is non verbal and does not have use of any apendage. What in the world am I going to do? I've got to be able to tell this boy's mother something, so she doesn't think he'll just lay in the bed and stare at the wall all the time. Please help if any of you have any ideas! Monday is my deadline, so I'll be checking in all weekend.
  5. Hi Guys, new activities director here. You probably get that a lot, but anyway, message boards have helped immensely with other learning experiences, so here i am. I've been in this job 2 months, and am not able to attend the certification courses til april, so needless to say i'm a bit in the dark. I'm muddling through with the little i was shown in training and what I've been able to soak up elsewhere, but I have a lot to learn. Our activities dept has SO much potential, and I want to do so much for the home and the residents, I'm here to learn. I'll probably lurk a lot as my free internet time is limited with two kids, hubby and slammed work day. Nice to meet ya!
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