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  1. Hi, I hate working weekends now. I have no family life this way. Rhonda
  2. Hi, Does any one have a good recipe for Chirstmas cookies?? I want to make the ones that you use shaped cookie cutters. Thanks in advance, Rhonda from Canada
  3. Hello there, I took a contract position after my maternity leave that consists of 2 days during the week and saturday and sunday. I thought that it would be good if my husband took care of our baby on the weekends while I worked. The pay is ok. Although now after a year and a half , I am ready to go to back monday- friday. Rhonda from Canada
  4. Hi everyone Is there anyone from Canada that uses this website? Rhonda
  5. Hi, In Canada the range varies. If you are a program worker and not the supervisor, you can make around $14.00- $18.00. If you are the supervisor, you usually make 35,000 a year and up. Rhonda :-)
  6. Hello there, I was just wondering if you, or anyone else has some new ideas for programs for alzheimer's clients (Stage 2, still wandering) on a locked unit. I guess I've run out of ideas and have been doing the same old...same old. Thanks Rhonda P.S I am new to this site also.
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