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  1. Sure...I need a valid e mail or fax # and I would be happy to send you some sample pages . Or you can request on my e mail if you don't want to post yours. kimandjim9@comcast.net
  2. Welcome to activities! We use senior Q& A books that are designed to use with ALL cognitive levels at once. If you want, leave me your e mail address or fax# at the following address and I will e mail you free sample copies to try with your residents. We use them all the time and the residents love them. You will too! kimandjim9@comcast.net
  3. Hi Barb, I am a nurse who also has found my calling in activities. I worked in many facilities and found there was a need that the residents were not getting. I did my job as a nurse and tried to find the time in my day to entertain as well. I started making daily question and answer work sheets for the activity director to use with the residents.The response was so surprising. We couldn't believe our ears and eyes. The residents were engaged and enjoyed them so much...even those who don't like to join in. It took some time , but I now have six question and answer books called "memorystreets" I would love to share some of our worksheets with so you can try them with your group. You can send me an e mail with your fax number or e mail address and I will send you some sample pages or you can check out the website and get a few sample pages there as well. kimandjim9@comcast.net KIM www.memorystreets.com
  4. Hi, If you are doing one on one or have a small group, I highly recommend using "finish the song" in memorystreets books.... even when residents are sitting with eyes closed they still can be involved...If you can sing the start of the song...even better....music is the best icebreaker. They won't want you to stop. Check out website at www.memorystreets.com for some printable samples or send your fax# or email address to kimandjim9@comcast.net and I will send you some sample pages of finish the song to try for free....just remind me you want "finish the song" questions. You won't be disappointed.
  5. Hi Cari, I use Memorystreets books to get the conversation started. Depending on their cognitive skills you can just try "finish the song" or "finish the phrase". If they need more stimulation you can try other subjects that are in the books that help them use their memories and remember good times. I even used them when I went to visit a friends mother in a nursing home, We went from strained conversation to her totally engaged, smiling and wanting more. You can just start the conversation with " Ok, we are going to have fun and test your memory." The website is www.memorystreets.com they have free sample sheets to download and if you put your e mail or fax # under "contact us" you can ask for more sample sheets to try. Good luck. Kim
  6. Hi Rodeshia, Try memorystreets question and answer books for seniors. It helps break the ice and will keep your audience interested. We use them all the time at our facility. The website is www.memorystreets.com or give me your e mail or fax # and I will send you free sample pages to try with your residents. I bought some inexpensive fly swaters at the flea market or dollar store...blow up a balloon and play volleyball. It's fun, they love it! Make sure to play some good music.
  7. Hi Kimberly, thats my name too. If you contact me at kimandjim9@comcast.net I will send you some free sample pages from memorystreets question and answer books, they are good to use with ALL cognitive levels...We have residents we didn't even know could speak, answering questions! These were designed specifically for the older generation, I'm sure your residents and families will love them. Also, its fun and easy to just put on some lively music, blow up a balloon, have them try to keep it up in the air, you can also use plastic fly swaters to keep the volly going. Kim
  8. Hi Lisa, get a big jar and fill it with jellybeans...(you can put something as a filler in the center of the jar, so you don't have to spend too much money on the jellybeans) have each resident guess how many jellybeans are in the jar and record their names with their answers on cute little jellybean shaped cards you can make yourself...whoever is the closest without going over...wins the jar (as long as they aren't diabetic) Don't forget to count all the jellybeans first. Have an easter egg toss with those plastic hollow eggs...have several colorful boxes or containers numbered with points placed at certain distances....each resident gets 3 eggs and 3 chances to score the highest points ( if there is a tie, they have to have a duel to see who gets the most points) They can win a chocolate bunny ( as long as they are not diabetic!) Since you are just starting you may need an icebreaker, send me your e mail address or fax # and I will send you some free sample pages from Memorystreets to try with your seniors...question and answers designed for seniors and they love them...you will too. My e mail is kimandjim9@comcast.net Kim
  9. Hi Yia, Are you currently working in a facility? We use memorystreets question and answer books in our ALF. They are a really good way to break the ice and keep the residents interested, they are easy to use because eveyhting is right at your fingertips. E mail me your e mail address and I will send you some free pages to try with your seniors. kimandjim9@comcast.net
  10. Hi Amy, I work in an ALF, so I'm sure the forms would be different. I hope all is going well with your new day care center. I can offer you free sample question and answer pages to use in your center. I know your seniors would love them. I can fax or email them to you. If you'd like, contact me at kimandjim9@comcast.net leave me your info and I'll get them to you ASAP.
  11. Hi Tammie, Congratulations! A good way to break the ice when meeting with residents is to use memorystreets question and answer books, The residents enjoy them and you get to learn a lot about their personalities, abilities , likes and dislikes. Before you get started, send me your e mail address and I will be happy to send you some free sample pages to try out. kimandjim9@comcast.net
  12. Hi Carrie, Congratulations on your new position. We use "memorystreets" question and answer books for seniors at our ALF and they love them, it keeps them involved for hours and you and the staff will also enjoy using them. I have to keep our aides from shouting out the answers. E mail me your e mail address or fax number and I will send you some sample pages to try out with your seniors. You can contact me at kimandjim9@comcast.net , also for sensory items, I just found a game called "Find it" at Target... it is an enclosed, see-through tube filled with little beads and floating inside the beads are objects that can be found hiding... the player must turn the tube and find all the objects...it may be good for someone who is shy and refusing to participate. Balloons are always good....sit everyone around a table, put on some lively music or polka music and see how long the can keep it up in the air. We have a plastic bowling set and a bean bag toss game. Make sure you have Bingo. We have a dry erase board and play hangman. You can use the memorystreets books for reference in finding songs or phrases when playing hangman...all they have to do is guess a letter and if they have a hard time thinking of a letter you can use those plastic, magnetic letters for children, just put them in a basket and let them pick a letter. Good luck. If you feel uncomfortable e mailing me I am leaving the website for memorystreets you can check out for yourself. www.memorystreets.com Kim
  13. Maybe set up a small car racing track and let the residents compete to win the race ( this would be good for the male residents) the others can bet on which car will cross the finish line first.
  14. Hi LisaRee, I use question and answer books for seniors by memorystreets....the residents really respond well to them, even those who are difficult to please....you can use them alone or you can write the questions with answers on the back of some old greeting cards ( just remove the part of the card that is written on) and place them out on the floor, ask them to throw a small beanbag onto one of the cards and they have to answer the question that is written on the back of the card. If you'd like, leave your e mail address and I will send you some sample pages to try with your residents for free. My e mail address is kimandjim9@comcast.net
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