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  1. The resort that I Currently been working with for a month now is having live music for labor day but with this I need to come up with some good ideas for activities to do around the live music, Does anyone have some good suggestions? I live in the Florida keys so it is extrememly hot. So far I already have pool games like pool volleyball, we do coconut bowling, and what nots... Any suggestions would be great thank you.
  2. Thank you so much for your information, I was thinking about a scavenger hunt, the only issue is that it is one of the smaller resorts of the bluegreen Corp. I am orginally from CA and now in Marathon.
  3. Hello everyone, I am a resort activity director and now school has come again and we are focusing on adults and Couples. I am new to this type of work and if anyone have any ideas i would greatly appreciate it. I been researching all day for the month of september. I live down in the florida keys that seems like summer almost all year Long... Any ideas for the month of September for couples. Of course i have serveral activities of arts and crafts, paint the landscape, make your own visor, tote bags, coconut painting, margarita glass souvenirs, and things like live music, pool volleyball, wine tasting, and I was thinking of a mask pool party but I think I will move that to the month of October. I have to plan a whole month in advance and any ideas would be great. I apprecaite all the suggestions and help. Thanks
  4. Hello everyone, I am new to the actiivity directors and found this Activities Director Network. I been researching all day in attempts to find some simple Couple activities at a resort down in the florida Keys. We do not have a large area to do things but September month is when kids are back in school and we have more couples. Does anyone have some good ideas for couple activities, I have so far trivia, Karaoke, and movie nights. I even have pool volleyball, paint your landscape, make fruit stamp Tote Bags. we are even going to do a talent show and I do have wine tasting. Does anyone have ideas they could throw in i would greatly apprecate it. Thanks, Ilene
  5. Hello Everyone!, My name is Jennifer but I go by Ilene. I just started a job as activity Director at a resort down in the florida Keys. This is a new type of job for me and I could use any help that is available and I would be greatful for any advice. This is something new for me, I worked many office jobs but never this active. So far the job is going great, I am about to graduate with my Associates in Buisness and I am a single mother of a 5 year old boy Name Michael. I want to wish everyone a good day and nice to meet everyone. Sincerely, Ilene
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