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    I saw the 110min. video at work and then they gave me the form that we are going to be using as a sample to look at.
  2. Hi Minta: My name is Anne and we also have some residents who have Alzheimers .I like to think that I can start fresh with these types of residents as they forget so easily.So everyday is a new day for them.I start with a smile close up so I can start their day off by having them telling me thier name.Then we progress as the day goes by.It might only be one thing they accomplish but that's okay with me.No matter how small and trivial it may seem.
  3. My name is Anne and since today is Lucille Ball's birthday we are having Lucille Ball trivia and quotes all day today. Of course I dressed up in costume as Lucille.Wig and all. I work in a 28 bed SNF that is attached to the main hospital so the residents here do not stay as long as an outside facility. We have major music one to two times a month.We also have a major celebration once a month besides the birthday month.
  4. Do you what time we have to log in for our class tomorrow?
  5. Hello Ashley: My name is Anne and I hail from San Francisco,Ca. I will be starting the class in August. What time do you have to log in and start tomorrow?
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