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  1. I do alot of the same activities, some favoites of my residents are: tea Parties (I cover the tables with pretty table clothes and decorate with flowers, miniture tea sets or some other items that are pretty and we have speciality teas and cookies, cake or some other treat not used normally in their meals).They like the card game: Skipbo and pitch. When the weather is nice we have gone to the city park for a picnic. We had a sampler fest where people brought in different animals, food, music and projects from the 4-H groups and old cars and even had a horse and buggy rides which our firemen helped the residents up on the wagon. We also hold a back to school party every year which includes hotdogs and chips, music by a local dj, carnival games, big slides, and prizes. We have even put up some small swimming pools for the kids to play in. Lisa
  2. Hello, Im Lisa and i have been in Activities for 12 years I love what i do but am always looking for new ideas.
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