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  1. At my facility we have found that a large book with photos and short stories works great! The Book we use right now is one that has famous people and their pets. The visual along with a short story seems to be just right for short attention spans. Leslie Kolovich Activity Director
  2. My facility has only 10 men with varied levels of cognition and physical ability. However, we have noticed they all enjoy a cold beverage along with pizza. I am planning on showing a "classic football game" on the big screen TV with pizza and beer once a month for a mens group. Leslie Kolovich Activities Director
  3. We do a Remember When discussion Group right before lunch (30 minutes) with Topics mostly historical. The residents seem to really enjoy talking about history, WWII, dating servicemen, military dances etc. A trip down memory lane before lunch works for this group. All of the residents in this group are females, not designed that way, we have only 5 men in our LTC and occasionally we get one of the men to join us. Good Luck! Leslie Kolovich Activity Director Lesliekolovich@mac.com
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