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  1. Were i work it is between business office, social services, or the activity department. On Saturdays activity does it because the other departments are not there.
  2. Take 4 zip lock sandwich bags, and pour 1 half cup milk, and 1oz. of instant pudding in the bag zip the bag up. Then have the resident keep squishing on the bag until it is all together and made pudding. Then pour it, more like scrap it in a small bowl and let them eat it or help them. The residents really enjoyed it when we did this.
  3. We did this at our facility and it was alot of fun. The person renewing there vow could be a resident which would be ideal or a staff member. You can do a bridle shower with the women and a bachelor party with the men. The resident can help make the cake. You can have a resident be the preacher another one walk or wheel her down the isle. Have a resident sing a song or two. Have maybe a grandchild or great grandchild be flower girl and or ring bearer. And all the other resident staff and family can be the guest. Then have cake and punch. It was alot of fun. If you want to know more e-mail me at sportsmom6@hotmail.com
  4. Couldn't you just in large it on a copy machine that is what we do it will be on a 11x14 paper. We us to make it larger 145% for making it bigger.
  5. This is something my activity assistant been wanting to do. I don't know if you have it on you cart or even if you us them but how about books on tape. Please let me now what you have on your cart we have some ideas but we could us more. Here is my e-mail sportsmom6@hotmail.com
  6. You can check in your community to see if there is anyone that has small antique and they can come in and show them to the men. You could also see if there is volunteer that wants to come in and play cards with them once a week.
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