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  1. I would really ask the family all about his likes and dislikes. Music is always a plus. Anything that stimulates the senses. Also a picture book of family members that you can sit and look at with him and talk about the family members. I hope this helps Amylyn
  2. Hi, I am a new Activity Director too! When I arrived the calendar was a repeat each month. The residents and staff were BORED! I added a few new activities each month. I also involved the staff and asked for their ideas. I feel it is essential to ask what their gifts are and utilize them. After three months I revised the attendance logs. I feel that if you speak about the changes in a positive manner and have the staff's input it usually goes well. Our focus is on the resident's. When adding new activities ask the residents as well. Actually, they should be the first to be asked. Hope this helps. Amylyn
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