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  1. Unlike the Calendar method, on this type of participation record just records the participation using the 17 choices of activities available each.  31 days across the top, 17 activity types down the side.  You will not know what activity was attended without have a Activity Calendar to reference.

    So for example you have a sheet for resident Tom Jones Bed Bound Cognitively Impaired, you would use the RV-Sensory Stim "S" rows to record his sensory activities, massage, aroma, music record the Response using the "S" responses in the S Stim row on the correct day.  Nov 2020   1st   Sunday   RV  so in the  square you would put S-1  or s-12 for the response. On the 3rd you could put use Room Visit-Other put 15 for family visit under 1hr

    but for others you may put group activity on the 14th put an A for active.  Look on the calendar if you want to know what the group activity was. If you have several groups activities, use the Independent row, next to the independent put a dash and A/R to indicate it was a independent out of room activity or put Bingo. Its good once you learn the method, its hard to teach. It was designed for one AD in a busy situation . The participation records are more for your documentation , progress notes and such. You retreat to your office to dis-cipher your notes and write your care plans and progress notes from them. We developed the Calendar Method to make it easier for the surveyor. We only kept 3 months worth in reach, and the surveyor would only ask for 3-4 residents. The faster they could envision the activity routine thru my paperwork the faster they would leave. Documentation is the art of painting a situation with words. Care planning is the art of creating a routine where improvement or decline can be easily measured.


    hope this helps


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