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    Just took my MEPAP1 final exam and passed with a 94%! I should have read two of the questions better, I knew the answer, but read the questions wrong. Oh well, I still passed!!
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    Hello, my name is Tiffany and I am from the MEPAP1-OWNPACE course. A great activity I've found works with my memory care residents stems from my lessons in creative writing. I had a teacher that asked us to imagine how different writing forms are when writing in the voice of a child, teenager or adult. To do this, we had to take a trip down memory lane and write or draw a outline of our neighborhood, the place we grew up and where we remembered most of our lives were spent. We had to think about how our house looked, smell, who were our neighbors, how the different seasons were, etc. I remembered this being an fun activity and decided to adapt it with my residents. I had them think back to when they were little and asked them to describe out loud what their neighborhood looked like and who was around. I t brought back so many fun memories for them and one gentleman even remarked upon seeing his brother being born in the house compared to hospitals today. There were stories of when they first met their husbands/wives and special traditions. It was a fun activity! Next time, I may get the more creative ones to try to draw out some buildings and label them.
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    Hey All, I have an easy participation log and room visit log, if anyone is interested feel free to e mail me at msarasa@thevillagehemt.com and I would not mind e mailing you a copy. Both allow you to have 3 months on one page. and I created it myself -Miguel
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    Here is an industrious undertaking.. UnityPoint Healthcare has provide a website with details for making a new modular mask, The Olson, named after 1930's legendary maker nurse Lyla Mae Olson. The Mask was quickly developed by clinicians from UnityPoint Health and is being shared across the globe in the fight against COVID19 St Lukes Hospitals are in short supply of masks. UnityPoint Health has provided downloadable patterns, YouTube Videos, and complete instructions on how to Sew, Package and Send completed Masks to the St. Lukes Hospitals. ---------------- https://www.unitypoint.org/cedarrapids/sewing-surgical-masks.aspx -------------- Completed Masks Enclose completed masks in a closed plastic bag or closed plastic box. We will launder them prior to use so no need to wash before delivering. Please deliver to the St. Luke's Foundation, 855 A Ave. NE, 1st floor, Cedar Rapids. Phone (319) 369-7716.
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    Hey All.. here is a unique way to get a scheduled Sing-A-Long activity on the calendar. Rob Crozier from Michigan, is a Sing-a-long entertainer in Senior care. He has put a demo of his program up on youtube. Schedule a Hallway Sing-A-Long for each afternoon at 3: I love it, Let me know what you think and contact Rob for more info on his program. We need a few days of song.. He seems like a hard working creative guy, Activity Director material... thanks Pennie ROB CROZIER ( ROBCROZIER123@GMAIL.COM ) Website - Youtube Channel Hello, I am an Ann Arbor, MI music professional with a specialty in sing a longs and senior entertainment. As you may know, musician gigs are all cancelled in Michigan. I was wondering if it would be possible to share the work that I'm doing with your community? I'm offering a full sing a long program for one month with unlimited use for $100 per facility. The video is ready as a Youtube link that can easily be played back like this demo: https://youtu.be/ZC4TiSqzxYg As you may know all "Outside Entertainers" have been cancelled and as Senior Home Musicians we are trying to get creative. I’m worked out a new platform of "Online Entertainers" a Sing-A-Long YouTube Presentation video for a month’s use, perfect for scheduled activities several times throughout the month , great way to economize). You get to use it for a full month for $100. Are you interested in my Sing a Long youtube link? Let me know if you can put this to use. These videos take about 8 hours to record, edit, mix and upload. Just so you know that I’ve put some thought and hard work into this product. Feel free to send any feedback, or if you are running into hardship, you can pay whatever is affordable. Here is a demo: https://youtu.be/ZC4TiSqzxYg All the best, Rob Website - Youtube Channel
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    Hi my name is Amy. I'm about to complete my qualification for activities director.I currently work as a concierge part time at an assisted living community. I live in the Austin Texas area.Hello everyone!!
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    The best technique for me to get our residents to come to activities is to be very enthusiastic about the activity myself. I try to get them involved before the activity even begins. I try to spend alot of time getting to know each of them as well and this seems to help. Joelle
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    Hi. Here is a following list that might sound like fun for your male residents. 1. Poker Club, or any card games 2. Dominoes 3. Checkers 4. Sports Trivia 5. Western Movie Night 6. Bowling 7. Horseracing 8. Kickball 9. Balloon Volleyball Competition 10. Bean Bag Toss 11. Gardening 12. Puzzles, word searches, Crosswords 13. Get car magazines and reminisce about res. first car, fixing cars, etc. 14. Basketball 15. Football game and pizza (check with dietary orders) 16. Building model cars, airplanes 17. Coffee, donoughts, and current events from newspaper 18. Painting/drawing, work with clay 19. Do a "fishing" game where you have a fishing pole ( a clothing pin connected to a large stick will do) and get prizes such as stuffed animals and let them fish for those prizes. Put prizes behind something so res. cannot see what their fishing for until they pull out the prize. 20. Go for a nature stroll outside. Hope some of these activity ideas work for your men, I know our male residents at our long term care facility love these ideas. Good luck.
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    That sounds like a fun activity spankylee99! I love that the surrounding neighborhood is a part of it too! I hope that you will be able to do it this year. We had a Mardi Gras Pet Parade down the halls of the assisted living community where I volunteer. An animal rescue group conducted the parade. The dogs were dressed in cute Mardi Gras outfits. The residents wore colorful beads, feather boas and Mardi Gras masques. After the dogs strutted their stuff, the residents had a little party and ate King Cake. This happened about two weeks before the facility had to stop allowing visitors in due to the coronavirus.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This File is a Groundhog Shadow .gif - Print several copies and hide them around your facility on Groundhogs day. The residents who find them are entitled to a prize.. Its a great intercom game for Groundhogs Day For your Newsletter: from Wikipedia ------------------- The weather lore was brought from German-speaking areas where the badger (German: Dachs) is the forecasting animal. This appears to be an enhanced version of the lore that clear weather on the Christian Holy Day of Candlemas forebodes a prolonged winter. The Groundhog Day ceremony held at Punxsutawney in western Pennsylvania, centering around a semi-mythical groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil is held on February 2nd. The tradition goes that Phil, the forecasting animal, will be emerging from its burrow on this day and if he sees his shadow due to clear weather, it will retreat to its den and winter will persist for six more weeks, and if he does not see his shadow because of cloudiness, spring will arrive early. While the tradition remains popular in modern times, studies have found no consistent correlation between a groundhog seeing its shadow or not and the subsequent arrival time of spring-like weather.


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    That is a great idea to involve the families, but what about for the residents? Have an Easter Egg Hunt for them as well! I've been kicking that idea around vs. having a nice family dinner. I will make Easter Baskets for all of my 50 residents and fill them with goodies, word puzzles, etc. For Mother's Day I am working with a local spa in our town to see about doing facials for the women and their daughters (if possible). Something a little extra special - other than a nice tea that the previous AD had prepared.
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    I love the idea of having an Easter egg hunt with families and having a bunny. I’m going to have a meeting with my team to see what we can do.
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    Hi my name is Tina Baisley ME1-110618. We are planning a Birthday party for 5 of our residents who turned 100 years old this year. We are having clergy, the Mayor and administration speaking. We wrote the president for letters. We are having cake champagne, flowers and music. The residents family are invited.
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    JessBelta I cant find the exact format, but I hope this helps http://www.legacyproject.org/activities/lifestory.html
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    I still have quiet a bit more to finish on mine! I don’t blame you for taking some time off. I am going to take the month of June off and then start the second one in July so I can get it done!
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    Greetings, My name is Kathryn and I am from Texas.
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    my name is Maria and I'm from Texas.
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    I'm Cassandra and I reside in Dallas Texas.
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    Good afternoon, Hope your doing well with your classes. I am from upstate New York, I live between Syracuse and Rochester. I work in a Long Term Nursing home with 124 beds, I have 3 other staff members and have 6 common areas that we are able to do activities. If you need continue education hours, go to some of the seminars that are available in your area, you will learn so much more and its great to have the input from those that have been in this business for a long time. They are different sites that also can help you check out Facebook, under Activities Directors, lots of ideas that are posted often. You can find me on there as well. Good luck with your class, Mary Zonneville
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    A Gift from : Paul Tedesco <htlk@comcast.net> There’s No Place Like (Nursing) Home – Stories of Dementia, Dying, and Peeing on the Christmas Tree Paul publishes non-fiction memoir to inspire caregivers. The book is free between January 23-25 on www.amazon.com , Kindle Store, if the link doesnt work, goto the Kindle Store and search for the title. (https://www.amazon.com/Theres-Place-Like-Nursing-Home-ebook/dp/B07899SL4F/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1516736109&sr=8-1&keywords=paul+tedesco). Paul Tedesco is a former pastor, counselor, and administrator at a human services organization, holding a Master of Divinity degree. He has been a trainer locally and nationally, a weekly columnist for The Catholic Spirit, a contributor to The National Catholic Reporter, and an invited headline guest on ABC 20/20 and the Canadian Broadcast Corporation radio network. There’s No Place Like (Nursing) Home – Stories of Dementia, Dying, and Peeing on the Christmas Tree: I have an Nh.D. Doctorate in Nursing Homes. I got it at the University of Experience. One day my mother moved into a nursing home. On another she died there. What happened in between changed my life. This is a book for my friends, almost all of whom I haven’t met. They, like me, are getting older. So are their parents. Many are or will end up in nursing homes. Most who do will die there. Whether my friends learn to smile in between can change their lives too. The book is a short folksy memoir, a compendium of stories about what I saw, learned, and felt, and how I learned to smile again, then and now. Three-part dementia-inspired operas will do that. So will listening to a saintly mom call a white nurse a “honky.” I found laughter amidst my tears. I also found serenity for a troubled soul. So can my friends. URL: www.paultedescoauthor.com Please contact: Paul Tedesco, 412-327-8078, htlk@comcast.net For Free Kindle App: KINDLE Store https://www.amazon.com/Theres-Place-Like-Nursing-Home-ebook/dp/B07899SL4F/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1516736109&sr=8-1&keywords=paul+tedesco
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    my residents enjoy having tea parties as well. We are actually having a Valentine's High Tea Party in February but this month we are having a Fancy Hot Chocolate Social where they can fancy up their hot chocolate with marshmallows, caramel, peppermint sticks, cinnamon, whipped cream, sprinkles, and chocolate chips. I try to pair it with something sweet or salty such as apple tarts. We also enjoy dressing up and I will provide jewelry and hats to wear during the social.
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    Hello my name is Patricia Fuller from Paris,Texas and I will be taking my finals Monday June 24th
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    Hey My name is Jurell and I am taking the mepap 1 own pace. I need some one to chat with and was wondering was their anyone interested to chat with me
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    Hi Ashley, I would love to hear about some of your favorite activities your facility provides! Would you be willing to share a few? I am enrolled in MEPAP1 as well, and am almost finished. I work in a 145 bed SNF in Shoreline, WA near Seattle. A few of my favorites are: Men's Breakfast- 1x/month-Men only and we have a cook come to do made to order eggs and omelets, etc. Arm Chair Travel-2x/month-Sensory incorporated activity. We have bags for different places. For example, France, we have a picture travel book, French language cards, a beret, and we will bake croissants for the residents and talk about what France is known for and it's history. Wackey Ball-1x/month- active sport activity. We use pool noodles that are cut in half and a large balloon and they hit it back and forth to each other. They LOVE this!
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    My name is LaYvonne Jones and I live in Fort Worth, Texas. I have worked in LTC as a CNA for over 25 years and now I'm so excited to become a Activities Director. When I started this journey I had been in activities assist for 4 years. I love what I do . I'm proud of my self for taking this course on line it has been a really challenge for me . Reason is cause I always been hands on person . This is who I am.....
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    My name is Sue Hill and I am on my last week of MEPAP1. I live in Fort Worth, Texas.
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    Hi, Linda, I am Ryan. I just created an account here as well. Glad to meet you!
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    Hey y'all! I'm Stacey Allen. I am currently taking the MEPAP1-060215 Class. I work as the Activity Director for an Assisted Living Facility here in North Carolina. I love my job!! I am finishing up the MEPAP1 course in September!! I'm very happy that i will be finished soon! I have enjoyed taking it and learning these new things!! I have worked as a CNA since July of 2006 when i graduated high school. I got the AD job in December of 2014. I love working as the AD. It was nice to have gotten to know all the residents while working with them as a CNA at the facility for so long then getting promoted and working with them in a different way!!
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    Hello everyone, my name is Sherie'. I am currently working as a Wellness Assistant in East Texas. I am in MEPAP-1 and will be the Lifetime Enrichment Coordinator when I finish the class. Nice to meet yall!! 😀
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    Hi, My name is Lisa and I work as Activity Assistant at a skilled nursing facility in North Carolina. I posted to two threads here about men's activities, and about lower cognitive activities. I see a few classmates of mine from MEPAP1 have been wanting to chat as part of our final practicum. I am going to go on our class forum and try to set something up, in case others want to join in too.
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    Hi, I currently work as a CNA, but when we have our meetings it seems like they are making sure that residents that are in the room are being visited by the staff especially if they don't participate in group activities; they should have 1:1 visits. Also, they make sure that you're following your calendar and that all music and items used are AGE APPROPRIATE. Also, charting is very important, they make sure that goals are being met and residents are provided with individualized activities for their care, if needed.
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    Hello everyone my name is Connie Deel I am originally from Kentucky but moved to Ohio 6 years ago with my husband to start a new church plant. I have been an activity assistant for 5 years . I am in the MEPAP1-100714 class I am in week 12. I have learned so much. Upon completion of this course I will become the new activity director for now I am the acting activity director assistant. I am looking forward to this new position. One of the challenges I face is getting new admits to participate in activities they seem interested when I talk to them but when I ask for them to come they refuse . Can anyone give me some ideas on how to encourage them to take part.
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    Hi. My name is Stephanie Prough. I am nearing the end of the MEPAP 1 online course. I am looking forward to becoming an activity director. I am now working as an activity assistant in a dementia unit in a facility in Central Pennsylvania. It is hard sometimes especially in the evenings. I work from 12pm - 8pm so I deal with a lot of sundowning and anxiety later in the day. I really like the work though and am excited by planning fun and meaningful activities for the residents whom I have grown to love. I am concerned that being promoted to activity director will put me in a situation where I am behind a desk doing administrative things instead of being hands on with activities. I hope that I can find a position that is a nice mix of both aspects of the job. I haven't seen many positions opening up in my local area though so if anyone has job search tips, I would love some advice.
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    Do 50/50 and auction! great way to involve resident's ask them to do arts and crafts and auction them at the end of the month. Invite the families and staff to participate. that will raise a lot of moneu.
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    Do you often wonder what kind of activities your loved one will be offered when they are living in the facility? Whether your loved one is here short or long term, our activity department has many different activities to offer. One of our popular activities is our resident auction. We collect many types of items for our residents. Clothes, personal hygiene items, hats, blankets, games, purses, collectables, jewelry, perfume, cosmetics and much more. As it can become costly to purchase all of these things, we accept donations from families, generous residents who love to help and donate and volunteers. If it wasn’t for them, this would not be possible. This activity lets the residents shop even when they are not able to leave the facility, purchase items as gifts for others or themselves even when they don’t have money, offers socialization, and a sense of competitiveness. For some of the other residents we have, it lets them reminisce about the great deal of time they spent at auctions or even lets a few get back in the swing of things of a previous occupation as an auctioneer. The auction is laid back and goes at a nice pace. Everyone is able to follow along, hear and there is no confusion. We accommodate the residents and answer any questions along the way. Since this activity relies on the help of others, we offer this activity every other month. In doing this, it helps us and gives us time to collect donations and wanted items that the residents are seeking. We invite all of the residents to join and for those that do attend, each of them get $300 in fake money. We let the residents look over all of the items that are up for auction and answer any questions that they may have. Once the residents are seated and done looking over the items we start the auction. All of the bidding goes in increments of $20, so the items start at $20. The person that bids the highest wins the item. If more than one resident will bid all of their money at the same time on one item, we take the person who said it first. If residents are not interested in an item and there is no bidding on it, we will put it to the end of the auction and come back to it. This is an activity where someone usually leaves with something and usually the residents are kind enough and will even trade someone if they have something that they want. If some of the items still did not sell at auction, we will save the item and use it for next time or even use it as a prize for another game. Everyone already has an idea how auctions work so it is very easy and self explanatory and they love it!
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    Hi Nita One thing you need to do when you are having a fundraiser is to tell everyone why your raising the money! Some of the things I have success with are: Purchase some Bingo Sheets Like these (check Ebay) & sell them for a $1 for 4 Bingo Cards to staff, residents & family members. Every day Mon - Fri in the am call out 1 number. Post this number on your bulletin board for everyone to see. Keep these numbers up until someone bingos. The money you collect will be divided between activity department & winner. If you have 2 winners then split it 3 ways. Be sure to post winning card for everyone to see and be sure when someone wins that you don't give out the money until next day. This will give staff from night shift a chance to check their cards. This is a hugh hit at the facility & raises quite a bit money. Another way to raise money is to put together baskets & sell tickets for it. This can be done during holidays. IE Easter, Mother's Day etc. Sell food: It is best to do this on a pay day or day after. Sell hotdogs, potato chips & sodas to anyone who wants to buy them. Have residents help serve this. During summer ice cream cones &/or sundaes are hugh hit too. Another way to raise money is fix up 3 or 4 baskets & hold a raffle. People purchase raffle tickets & place it in a box in front of the basket they want to buy. Sell tickets for several days to collect more money. Do a search for raffle ticket. Purchase the double row kind. That way they can place 1 in the item they want & keep the other end: Just a few ideals.
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    Hi all! My name is Amanda and I am a brand new AD at a 80 bed long term care facility in Ia. I'm very excited and looking to "spice up" our activity dept. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :-)
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    Just found out we're getting a giant projection screen donated for movie nights! This is going to be fantastic!
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    Hi my name is Dana C. from PA. I was wondering if any of my classmates are on this website and want to join me in a chat room to discuss special activity events. Please let me know. Thank you!
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    Hi ladies. Welcome to th wonderful world of activities. As far as Easter Egg Hunt get as many volunteers as you can to help. I had a hugh volunteer program when I ran activities & it made my job much easier but most improtantly the residents enjoy having other people to interact with.
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    I have found a lot of items for my board at the Dollar Tree. Plus the price is right! Also staples has many item in their "teacher" section.
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    Lots of suggestions offered. The only thing I can add is try to decorate the boards with a theme that could be use for 2 months in a row. The facility I worked at had 4 boards to decorate monthly. When you have to remove the calendars & all of the decorations, then re-decorate them & put the new monthly calendar up takes alot of time. Don't forget you still have to remove & put new calendars up in every residents room. Well this can take up almost your whole day & you haven't done any activities yet! So when decorating your boards try to keep this in mind.
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    hi all i hope this is what i had to do for mepa-1 because this is all that i found but dont see any new posts here. My name is jamie and im currently an activity assistant at a long term care facility in ohio. We do our activity boards by a screen that is updated weekly and prn that shows u tube vidoes and show cases the daily menue and show the weather along with the daily activities.
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    The absolute best thing I can offer, and it might sound so simple and silly, is to blow up a balloon (sometimes a larger punching type balloon is better due to size) and hang it from a string down from the ceiling in an activity room or day room. Whether you choose to sit the residents in a circle around it or simply leave it hanging for them to play with at their own leisure, trust me, you will be amazed at who actually participates. I have residents at my facility who barely move their hands or feet for anything but they will sit for many times over an hour and hit the balloon back and forth. If the balloon is hanging low enough they will even try to use their feet to kick it. It truly is amazing what you'll find. Residents of all different abilities will be able to play andyou'll even catch some smiling that normally do not on regular occasion. Try it. Thanks, Joe
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    Wii bowling is the hit here. We have a resident bowling team that competes with our other sister facilities. Those who cannot play are our cheerleaders. We host one month, next month they do. All staff get involved, we have t-shirts made up, etc. Local paper picked up on it, had a story. It's all good! Kevin
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    Hey Activity Pals, I use a form called an Activity Logs. This form my staff write down what they visit with the resident, What TV station they put on for the resident, & and so on. I let my staff & family know that this is a way for me & state know what the staff is doing with the resident and what the resident is doing. I have this form in every residents room. One for each resident. Each month I use this to help me chart what my residents are doing in their rooms and thru out the building. I hope this helps you out. I do not put these forms in the charts I have a folder I keep them in.
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    Hi Hrysia, I don't know exactly what you are looking for but a couple of things I have done or seen done: Placing a picture of the resident along with their name outside the door. The pictures are placed into a plexiglass frame that is mounted on the wall/door. This way the pictures are easily changed by sliding them in or out. The other thing I saw at another facility that O loved was a shadow box outside of the residents room. This was mounted in the wall, either some money would need tobe spent to do this or make some shadow boxes up to mount on the wall. Each resident had one outside of their room inside was a place to put their name and a few special items that means something to that resident. (Ex: Mrs. Smith collected or loved to sew so hers had needles, pin cushion, small amouth of material etc.. Mr. Smith displayed pictures of his grandkids etc..) The family members bring up the items that go in these boxes. The boxes lock and can only be opened up by certain staff people. I really loved these and when you walk down a hallway it was interesting and had a welcome feeling. You got a feel of the people who lived in those rooms and what a great conservation starter. Even after all of these years I still remember the facility because of this! Hope these are useful. P
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    Care Plans remain a mystery. I am not good at writing goals. I have bought all the books but they have not dealt with the problems of my residents. I definetly need a policy and procedure book. I need something to take to the Administrator because he does not have a clue of all the things an AD does.
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    Hi Rich, Here are a few ideas for assisted living mens groups: Blackjack Nite- Poker nite- Small Wood working projects Car talk -get different car magazines and chat about the new cars vs. the old cars. Golf- if possible install a small putting green on a portion of your outside area. Horse shoes- if possible install a horse shoe ring outside or purchase an inside horseshoe game. Basketball-get a swimming pool basketball hoop game,it works well indoors on the floor. Horseracing-Get an old racing form from an old race and find out the winners and have residents place bets(with fake money) then payout fake money to the winners. Bowling-Get a bowling set(pins and ball) and set at the end of a hallway in the facility,then have a men against women bowling game,from the other end of the hallway. Shopping trip-Take the men out to Walmart or other store to get toletries and other private stuff. Chess club- Checkers club- Exercise club-Get some small weights(2-5 lbs) and let men work out Dominoes club- Yahtzee Club-
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