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  1. Hi Guy's! State survey last week... All just fine with Activities, tough though. With the new way surveyors are looking at Act I was looking forward to it actually.. Much more observation in halls, and not the numbers actually attending, but how they got there. No one left behind.. Facility wide involvement. Aides were asked about activities, "which activity does Mr Jones enjoy?" Do they encourage attendance, participate in activities themselves? (wow). And believe it or not, all had the right answers! Every under 55 resident was assessed and activity preferences reviewed 1:1's/in room activities of course, the documentation the key Some things just kinda related to activities but pushed on to nursing, was communication with non english speaking residents, and the smoking policy. Activities I know will be called on to assist. I will start a different thread with those issues. Anyway, unfortunately there were bigger fish to fry in my facility, so Activities I think really did not get the full brunt of an informed surveyor really doing some digging... But my facility is on alert! they know now what surveyors are looking for now.. I've been telling them, glad to see some change.. Kevin
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