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    My money issues have apparently gotten to the point where if I want to spend ANY money going forward, I have to raise my own money. While I find this completely ridiculous (do CNAs have to raise money for wipes, gloves, etc to do their job? Why do I have to raise money to do MY job?), I have taken the mindset of, well, if they want me to raise money, I'll show them. I'd hate for it to become the norm, however. I have no start up capital. I also don't necessarily want residents to know that I have to raise money for their activities. I have churches who like to come and play Bingo and will put up 10 dollars each time to do that, but that's not enough for day to day expenses. I cannot personally afford to put up any money at this time. Besides going out and asking for a handout for something my facility SHOULD be paying for, what else can I do to raise money and still run my department day to day?
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