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How to Conduct an Activity Dept. Job Interview

[b]How to Conduct an Activity Dept. Job Interview[/b]
By Pennie Bacon
Activity Directors Network

Your Clerical portion of the interview should ask questions that, tell you whether the person has the skills to do the job.
Read over their resume.. look at their qualifications, and ask questions that verify their skill as they relate to your facilities job opening and its requirements.
When you interview candidates for a job opening, you need to ask questions to be sure they can do the job, but it is even more important to ask questions to make sure they can handle stress and that they will fit in with the team
Sample Interview // below
" I see from your resume that you have worked for the Dept. of Health.. what skills do you bring that relate to Health Care and our facility?

" I see that you are a painting therapist, what do you think about the statement that good therapy relieves pain.. Painting, Music, Writing? Note. An effective therapist knows the power of mind control with focused therapys

Q.. Whats your favorite Craft.. ?

Q.. are you willing to work some nights/weekends/holidays if needed?

Q.. are you related to an employee here?
Q.. are you bilingual?
When you interview candidates for a job opening, you need to ask questions to be sure they can do the job, but it is even more important to ask questions to make sure they can handle stress and that they will fit in with the team
*** How Well Will They Fit In (I think this is the most important quality in any SNF,LTC or Alzheimers facility situation)
Among equally qualified candidates, this is the most important attribute. You need someone who will fit with the team and be a productive member, someone who will add to the team and not be a distraction. Be careful, though. You aren't looking for the "nicest" person. You are looking for the best fit. In addition to personality, you need to evaluate work habits, a complementary skill set, and where the team needs help.
In a very low key office, a loud, boisterous new hire would probably decrease the team's production, because the team would be so busy staring at the new comer and quietly discussing among themselves why the person is so loud. On the other hand, someone moderately outspoken could be just what the team needs to get them fired up and producing again at top levels.
Plato said " You can learn more about a man in an hour of play than you can in a lifetime of conversation"
So stress this to the Administrator that you would like to make your decision based on a walk through of the facility .. with each of your qualified canidates.
watch for is how quickly, directly, and completely they answer your next set of questions. If a candidate says he has never been under stress, avoid that person. Either he is lying or he is out of touch with reality. If a candidate says she get along with all her co-workers and never has a conflict with anyone, press for more information. She is either a saint or a doormat.
The next questions makes it easier to provide revealing answers, Your most successful canidate will possess a good understanding of these 4 skill sets.
: understanding the necessity of taking direction
: ability to work with others.. do they fit.
: speed and mental processing, they think well in stressfull situations
: analytical skills, processing a problem and forming decisions; only after they have heard all sides of the situation

Character Profile Questions..
Q..What special characteristics should I consider about you? Note: see what they consider as a good characteristic.. do they match yours.
Q..If you were hiring for this position, what would you be looking for? Note : role reversal.. lets you see if the canidate has a good idea of what you actually do, and what would be expected of them.
Q..Why are you interviewing with us?
Q..What have you done that shows initiative and willingness to work? Note : this should lead toward self motivation, overtime without compensation, 110% participation
Q..How would you describe the ideal job for you? Note : helps you determine their intentions.. are they in it for the right reasons. Do they like little work with great pay, or does respect and accomplishment feed their self esteem
Q..What's the toughest communication problem you faced? Note : good for evaluating a thought process needed to recognize problems before they start, good mediator skills

:::: the next set of questions lead towards stress and relationship management.:::;
These questions ask how or what. They can not be answered yes or no. Listen to the answer to see how quickly they answer, how complete/correct their answer is, and whether they actually answer what you asked or go off to something with which they are more familiar.

How Well Do They Function Under Pressure
This may be the area where most bosses have trouble asking good questions, but they are very important to the Healthcare Facility. Anybody can do well in calm times. You want people who can function well when things get confusing or difficult. To identify which candidate will perform best under pressure, ask tough, stressful questions.
Q..Tell me about the time when someone has lost his/her temper at you in a business environment.
Q..Have you ever worked in a place where it seemed to be just one crisis after another?
How did you handle it? How did you feel?
Q.. Define cooperation ..
Q..How have past managers gotten the best out of you?
Q.. Describe the best manager you've ever had. Describe the toughest manager you've ever had.
Q.. What do you think of the statement.. "Everyone Wants to be led.." : most good employees recognize the fact that positive direction can only be acheived if everyone is working towards the same goal as outlined by their leader.. loose cannons are counter productive.
This should get you to where you need to be.. plus you should be able to explain, in a confident manner, the reasoning behind you questioning process to your administrator.. Good Luck

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