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Posted 24 March 2004 - 10:08 PM

Here are a few jokes you share with your residents.

How Much Is it Worth?
WHILE HELPING his father build a deck, 5-year-old Kolin hit his thumb with a hammer. A couple of weeks later, his blackened thumbnail fell off. Kolin took it to his mother and asked, "Mommy, can I put this under my pillow for the fingernail fairy?"

Batteries Not Included
MOM developed a bad case of laryngitis, much to the confusion of her 2-year-old son. He climbed into her lap, pulled her mouth open and peered inside, saying, "What's wrong, Mommy--did someone steal your batteries?"

She Saw the Light
THE DOCTOR put Mom on a liquid diet. Explaining to her small daughter, Mom said that she could eat anything she could hold up to the light and see through. The youngster nodded knowingly and said, "How about a doughnut?"

A Helping Hand
FOUR-YEAR-OLD Tommy spilled some milk on the clean kitchen floor. His grandma smiled and said, "It's okay, Tommy, just go get the mop off the back porch and we'll clean it up."
Tommy walked to the back door and stared out into the dark night. He said shyly, "Grandma, it's dark outside, and I'm afraid to go out there."
Grandma told him that God was out there and would take care of him. Tommy then pushed the door open slightly and said, "God, since you're already out there, will you please hand me the mop?"